Vivaro Glowplug light not on and Van not starting

1 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi again everyone!

Hope your all having a fantastic new year.

I have recently had a new timing belt fitted to my trusty Vivaro 1.9DI 53 plate because it snapped! :( The van was running ok for a couple of days no problems, the fault is probably nothing to do with having the belt replaced its just that the problem never existed before?
Any how the problem i have now is the orange glow plug light on the dash does not come on and as a result the van will not fire up! no engine warning lights or stop light on the panal just the usual dash lights when the key is in the ignition, the engine turns over ok but will not start.
Has any one got any ideas please. :)

Thanks in advance
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I would suggest the glowplug timing relay to be at fault, or possibly a blown fuse in that circuit.

Hi Wotan,

Thanks for your advise! where is the fuse on the glowplug circuit? i have checked all the fuses in the passenger side compartment and they are all ok.

Many thanks
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Hi ch427,

I had the crank shaft sensor changed several months ago, as a result from advise in another thread! the advise was a life saver.
However if the wires had come off wouldn't the glowplug light stay on as it did to me previously?

Many thanks
im just guessing, these vans suffer with so many problems its hard to diagnose. you could start by testing for voltage at the glowplugs but i dont think they are your issue.
Hi All,

I've still not managed to get this hunk a junk working, however I've had a friend who has tried to connect his laptop and an Op-Com to the vans e.c.u to try and find the fault? however it would not initialise and he was unable to get any kind of information from the van! he seems to think its the ECU.

Could anyone shed some light on this!
I have also i tried the manual way by pressing the brake and accelerator and switching the ignition on but the van would not go through the self diagnostic procedure? could this also mean the ECU is faulty?

In my original message i said the glow plug light was not coming on when the ignition was switched on? this is the case however i forgot to mention that the red STOP light to the right of the alarm red dot light are on constantly?

Any help or advise on this would be very much appreciated.

Wouldn't go straight for an ECU, but it well could be gone. Have you good connection to the battery, both live (+12v) and earths all good? Have you another key?
As that's a direct injection diesel, it should make some attempt to start without the heater plugs.
Unfortunately you are not guaranteed to be able to read pre 2005 diesel diagnostic information using a standard OBD interface, maybe worth having a word with a garage to see if they have something like a snap-on solus that has a better chance.
Hi guys,

Thanks for the fast responses.

Spark123, the same guy took a reading from this van using same equipment a few years ago when i was having Mass Airflow Device problems? thanks anyway ;)

Mursal, i have another key and it does exactly the same thing with both keys? im sure it also has a good live & earth throughout as it turns over the engine? and has lots of humph? if you get my drift, its just not starting.

Would the crankshaft sensor cause this problem? even though i replaced this not 2yrs ago! im just a bit baffled as to the glow plug light not illuminating and the stop light staying on and i am convinced its something else?
Crankshaft sensor will stop it from starting, but not sure why the scan tool cant connect. I thought it might be supplying the starter but loosing power or earth connection to the control modules, hence no connection to the fault codes.

Give the wiring a good old "wiggle" in case its just a bad connection. it wont cost much, unlike a new ECU. Also try disconnecting the battery over night, but you will loose the radio code.
Hi Guys,

Wow i cant believe my luck!

Ok here goes, but where to start!, I have had a mobile mechanic come out and have a play with the van in the hope of getting her to start, £80 notes down the drain? although he was here all day in all fairness to him. He eventually gave up and said its an electrical fault and need to be diagnosed to get to the bottom of the problem.

Called Adam from who came out and squirted all the cables and said his snapon solus diagnostic reader is saying its a fault on the glowplug circuit, i laughed and said yep i know that but where and what? after a few hours he came up with the excuse that it was on the wiring and he would call back with a wiring circuit tester to identify exactly where it was, £35.00 later he never returned and also never forwarded the diagnostic report that is supposed to be sent! Adam i will name and shame you if you dont forward this or give me my money back as your website says "If we cant diagnose the problem we wont charge you!

Got my friend round with his Op-com laptop and this is the result from the readout, can anyone shed some light on this please.

OP-COM 100219a - PC based diagnostic tool


OP-COM - KW2000 Communication Window> 2003|Vivaro|Body|Body Control Module

Keyword #1: D0
Keyword #2: 8F

Normal timing parameter set.

Identifier: 8200374951
Data version number: 08
Manufacturer code: 31
Software version: 0000
Platform identifier: 000A
VDIAG Number: 08
Electronic variant number: 2167591207
Program number: 0005

Total number of fault codes: 5

00005 - Airbag Malfunction
Not present

00009 - No Vehicle Speed Signal
Not present

00010 - Vehicle Speed Signal, Malfunction
Not present

00011 - Transponder Malfunction
Not present

00015 - Wrong Instrument Configuration
Not present

He has managed to reset all the codes except 00010, this keeps coming back on once the engine is cranked?
Anyone got a clue what it is and would this be the cause of engine not starting and glowplug light not illuminating on dash!

Just as a little extra info the mechanic has measured the glow plugs and they are all ok.

Please someone help or i am afraid it will have to be the end for my trusty Vivaro? lol
Maybe worth checking all the fuses one at a time, ideally you need a wiring diagram.
It may be that the speed sensor is on the same fuse as the glow plug relay and other items as is the case with some Astras.

Then onto the basics, is the larger supply OK at the relay, is the relay getting the signal to energise & so on.
out of those codes i can only see 2 as being relavant,the instrument cluster one and the transponder. Never heard of it on a vivaro but some vauxhalls have an issue with the instrument cluster which leads to a non start condition,may be worth taking the instrument binnacle out and checking the connections.
disconnect the battery before you play around with the binnacle connections.
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