Wall Mounted Basin - Fixing Query

22 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom

I am mounting a wash basin and using the fixings below in the photo.

It is going in a new build part of my house and so I know the wall construction and hence could measure accurately from the external plaster finish to the block work behind. Seems to me that to ensure that the plug sits well into the block work and because of there being a gap between the back of the plasterboard and the block work, I could actually do with getting the tightening section of the fixing (flat bit two thirds along) to be just within the plaster board.

The question I have then is how do I finish off the tightening of the fixing once the tightening bit is at the wall? On the back of the pack of fixings there is an illustration of a tool (top right illustration in phot 2) being used which I’m guessing is like a screwdriver or ratchet with a threaded bit that sits on the end of the bolt to allow for the last few turns to be made – problem is when I’ve asked in DIY stores people appear baffled?

Any advice appreciated.

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I'd use the 2 nuts. Put one on the end far enough for enough thread sticking through to put the 2nd onto it too. Tighten them against each other, that will lock them in place. Then just use a socket or spanner to drive the rod into the wall by gripping the end nut. Then just unlock them, job's a guddun :)
Hmm, I'd be concerned about how much of the stud was in the soild bit of the wall, even with it screwed in as you suggest (not got them in my hand too measure with of course).

If I was concerned I'd probably use resin to set a couple of lengths of threaded rod in the wall.
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What I had attempted was to get the stud/plug into the masonry by pushing it 10 mm or so in so that it was almost beyond the plaster sitting nicely in the masonry. I then trimmed the top of another plug to almost create a collar to bridge the gap left between plug and the external surface of the plaster. This is why I felt I needed to get the fixing into the wall that little bit further.

I'll give the double nut a try - thanks

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