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28 Nov 2004
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United Kingdom
A friend very kindly made me some replacement doors for a bathroom cabinet, they are a wood frame with tongue and groove inset. I did not attach the doors immediately as I did not have any hinges, however I have now done so only to discover that one of the doors has warped and now stands proud of the other by about 4mm. My sister suggested using a thin piece of wood tacked to the warped door so that it overlaps the other therefore the warping would not be as noticeable. Does anyone else have any suggestions?. My friend went to a lot of trouble making these and I would hate to just throw them away. Would packing the bottom hinge work as the door is out only from about half way up?. :cry:
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The first thing is are they properly sealed to prevent moisture penetration, both inside and out, from the sounds of things i would say not, It's probably the damp conditions in the bathroom that have caused the problem.

Are the frames made from cheap pine or a hardwood?

Is the T&G backed by a flat piece of board. The cheaper stuff is notorious for warping. It would also be best not to glue the T&G into the frame but have it 'floating'
i make lots of these sometime they do warp
the seceret is before it gets any worse put a magnetic catch to arrest the movement

you should be able to pull the 4mm flat assuming its not a tichy door[less than a square foot]although even these are likly to pull back a bit
position one of these at the corner where it sticks out
if its a pair of doors it wouldnt surprize me if they both twist the same as in one door will have a catch at the top and the other will be at the bottom
Thanks for your advice, I have already bought a magnetic catch although I haven't put it on yet. The doors are pine and I did not seal them when they were give to me, they were stored in a bedroom against a wall. I know now that I should have sealed them immediately. Perhaps I'll just buy some ready made doors instead!! Thanks once again. :LOL:
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what about taking them off and putting them somewhere dry ( a bathroom is humid) if and when they go straight, seal them and put them back on.

Packing the relevant hinge can help but you normally can't do any more packing than about 2mm before it looks odd.

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