Wash Cycle finishing early, cold and wet.

11 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
I have an old Bosch Exxcel 1000 (washing machine); Model Nr: WF02064GB/01

Solid machine.

Recently noticed clothes wet at end of cycle, and that the Cycle is ending early., a 90deg that should be 130 minutes ends in 30 minutes with clothes wet.

Sometimes though the clothes are dryer, so it seems a bit random.

The water is not also being heated. A failed heater unit in my experience usually has resulted in cycles not completing at all.

Are there any fuses or reset switches on these ?

Any thoughts appreciated.
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No error codes or flashing lights? Could it be an unbalanced load? What happens on spin only or drain and spin modes? Do you have a drain pump filter, is it clear?
No, no error codes or flashing lights, drain pump appears all in order - impeller moving as it should.

I am not sure if the spin cycle is actually running, I will test it, it does appear as if it is not spinning, you can though still manually select the spin program and it will then spin and finish, balancing correctly as it does so.

I guess the machine spins twice during a wash cycle, once to rinse out the soap, and then again with a second rinse ?? ... is it bumming out on the first spin, hence i find a 1.30 minute cycle ending after just 0.30 minutes, with sopping wet clothes in the drum.
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If the spin motor is not working, the clothes will be wet.

Sometimes the motor just needs new brushes, which is a fairly easy repair.

Otherwise, start looking for a new washer. How old is it? Bosch offer a fixed price repair, last time I had one they sold me a one-year service contract for not much more (I did not renew it the following year).
i would try different cycles including varying heat length spin speed and material choice and look for water sloshing in the spin cycle ??
but purly a guess
Mine does that when machine detects the load is unbalanced.
My solution was to ensure machine was level by re-leveling it, and putting in a smaller load.
My Bosch is over 20 years old ... a solid lump,it just keeps going, think they were still made in Germany back then - so doubt warranty would entertain a call from me :)

If the water is not being heated - presume that will upset its cycle.

Sure the Brushes are good, put a new set in last year, but yes something to check, as I know that can be a culprit and an intermittent fault.

Water sloshing in the spin cycle is a good one, although when I run that manually, it all seems to function correctly, but will try different cycles and observe what happens, I need a CCTV system on it to record. !

It seems to be balancing, but I will try observe what happens during the spin cycle - if it in fact is doing one.

Other things to check are:
1) Pressure switch
2) NTC Sensor
3) Heating Element
4) Cold Water Valve
5) and drain hoses for blockages.
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