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13 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
We've got water flow issues up our fields, they are so far away the pressure isn't enough, but it does flow. So I want to create a buffer system, by having a reservoir that feeds the drinkable water tank.
The reservoir tank + lid, doesn’t have any holes in it, so I need a fitting for it, which is where I’m stuck.
I’m guessing I would drill a hole in the bottom of the tank, and then add the fitting which would clamp onto both sides of the material to create a seal.
Is it an Essex Flange I’m looking for? I do have access to the inside, as I can actually stand in the tank, it’s that big.
We use this blue pipe everywhere:

So I’m guessing the outlet from the big tank would need to connect to this threaded fitting:
Which would then connect to another threaded fitting on the water trough.
Any ideas where to get something that can do the job?
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What you need is a tank connector

You may be able to get one for MDPE, or you could use a length of 22mm copper or plastic, with a 22mm to MDPE adaptor.
By the way, don't take it right from the very bottom of the tank, leave a bit of space at the bottom so any sediment can settle rather than enter the pipe.
Use one of these, but you may need the biger 22mm size


You can then drill a hole in the tank and use the fitting to join to either copper or Speedfit plastic pipe (don't forget a metal insert in the end).

Be careful about storing large amounts of water. You need to make sure that cold water is stored at temperatures below 20 degrees C to prevent Legionnaires disease. Also make sure that the water flows through the tank, by having the outlet on the opposite side to the inlet. This prevents areas of water from stagnating within the tank
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Thanks for all the advice.

Wickes provided me with a 20mm MDPE Connector to 15mm Copper Connector, I got a 15mm Compression Fitting, slightly smaller.

I've got to setup some more of these in the future, so I'll look into the parts on screwfix, I did see that connector but I didn't think it looked the right type, my mistake.

I'm going to look into the temperature issue as the tank is on the surface, but the water in the big tank shouldn't be in it for long, it's supplying a tank which is constantly being used, so I would think the tank would be emptied and replenished with fresh water at least twice a day.

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