Weeping radiator valves

15 Feb 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I have two of these valves, on two radiators. Both weeping out the top of the stem, one worse than the other.

Turned them both off and took off the gland nuts to pack them with PTFE. One stopped leaking when the gland nut was off (and the valve was closed) and the other carried on...

The one that carried on leaking when the valve was closed is still leaking. Does this mean something else/ different is wrong with it? Will packing it out more work?

Is it meant to stop weeping when you turn the valve off?

Any advice appreciated -


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Some do, some don't, some stop when turned fully on. :rolleyes:

I don't think it means much either way, if it leaks in any position it is a worn spindle or stuffing gland.

Old valves were packed with spindletwist a waxy string often with an asbestos content they can be repacked with ptfe but most these days have an "O" ring that once worn needs replacing, in most cases this is impractical although some makers do provide replacement rings.
thank you

Is the 'o' ring visible then? Is it on the spindle?

Can I identify the manufacturer?
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As I recall Honeywell and Belmont used to supply replacement O rings, I have a feeling you needed a special tool for the Honeywell ones and the belmonts you had to do something brave like removing the gland nut and unscrewing the valve spindle all the way up trusting it did not come right out!
There were then two rings on the spindle they came in two coloured sizes red and green I think.

To me it looks like the valves you have are some of the cheaper ones

So the real answer is it ain't worth the trouble if the ring has gone! ;)
Best to try ptfe but if no luck, then replace the valve.

If it is the lock-shield you don't operate you could try a bodge remove the gland nut and squirt Fernox LSX sealant in around the spindle and replace the nut. ;)
Not really used as they're the furthest rads from the radiators so don't really touch them and don't think it will harm if they're fully open...
Worth a try then, but bear in mind if the rad leaks at some point you could have trouble turning off in a hurry.

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