weird phone problem!!!

7 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
I've just wired in 2 x double slave phone plates, the original was a real xmas tree of double adapters, extension cables and filters.

The new wiring consists of the master into a filter then parallel wired into both double plates. broadband coming of the filter. sky and 2 phones coming from the plates.

However, one of the phones (BT converse) doesn't ring from any of the new sockets, but the other does (BT decor 1300). Only way round this is to have the problem phone plugged into a double adapter from the master, not quite the point of it all.

Any ideas??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks in advance
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have you connected terminal 3 in all sockets?
terminal 3 is the ringer
Cheers for the quick reply:D

terminal 3 is connected and the Decor 1300 is ringing okay, it's just the Converse with the problem. . . .
Agree with breezer, can you double check you have connected core no 3 at both ends OK? Also, check if your cores 2 and 5 are the same way around at all the sockets.
How have you connected the broadband filter? You should either have one filter covering all the telephone sockets or a filter at each socket.
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Everything points towards the wiring of terminal 3.

Some phones need terminal 3 connected, others don't care, they will ring anyway. It sounds like you may have one of each.

Sometimes the wire can break in an IDC termination. It appears secure, but the blades are gripping the insulation, not the wire.

Sometimes IDC terminals get sprung so far they don't penetrate the insulation (particularly if a screwdriver has been used). Again the connection seems mechanically sound, but there's no electrical connection.

There were some telephone sockets around with incorrect terminal labelling, so everything ends up crossed up. However terminals 2 & 5 were still connected, so they appeared to work.
core no3 connected at both ends, checked terminal connections - ok gripping wire not insulation.
filter is into the master, broadband and cable into slaves coming from the filter.

the connectors are of the screw-in type, all connectors are holding the wire. Might have to re-do it again with some new cable or another phone:LOL: :LOL:
yes, 2 & 5 are correct way round.

Just have to try again later, for now food then drink . . . . .
you could always try putting a master socket and not using teminal 3
I was gonna say that, but whenever I've mentioned it in the past, it's been frowned upon... :cry:

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