What book are you reading or found to be good.

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Donnie Brasco. True story about an FBI agent who spent 6 years undercover in the Mafia.
The Moon's a Balloon and Bring on the Empty Horses by David Niven are hilarious, as are the Grumpy old Rockstar books by Rick Wakeman. Tried reading Brave New World, but it is very very hard work.

After a while, I looked up at the scudding clouds above and suddenly and unexpectedly, up there above the chimney pots, I beheld an old childhood friend, sailing calmly and confidently through a clear patch of sky....

Who knows if the moon's a balloon............
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One of my all-time favourite books is up for auction today: The Hobbit (There and back again.) Not just any old edition, though. A rare original which may fetch up to £20,000! This one was found in a drawer; others have turned up in charity shops. I have a leather bound version with original illustrations, printed in '78, and wouldn't part with it for any money but an original rarity would be an fantastic find...i should be so lucky. I'm under strict instructions to step away from the keyboard while the auction is underway. :sneaky: