what common grounds do we all share?

1 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
I am english just not caucasian/white. before the influx this country was a quiet old place wih not a lot to offer, I bet even you appreciate some foriegn implementations in this country and the imports from all around the world.

I for one rue the day Heathrow became the gateway to the world. Do I think Southall, Hounslow, Greenford, etc, have improved as a result of uncontrolled immigration, absolutely not. We are constantly told, and have been for thirty plus years, that we need immigrants to bolster the economy. That as the population ages and that because indigenous population growth is shrinking we rely on these immigrants to keep an aging population take that to it's logical conclusion the result is scary.

Labour state they will not restrict the numbers coming here so we should expect the numbers to rise well beyond the predicted 70 million to 80, 90 100 million? natural resources are running short, we cant feed that number of people, we cant support that number of people, we wont be able to provide homes, jobs, schools, health care either.

I for one cannot see the benefit of mass immigration, had it been limited to a sensible level (so whats sensible) then perhaps I could accept the argument that "it's good" for the country. My country, England has changed beyond recognition at a terrifying pace. We have, and it's no exaggeration, been invaded. As a foreigner told me in London a few years back "This country has been invaded and you haven't fired a shot" nor will we, yet! but how long will this tolerance last?. .

IMHO immigration on the scale we have seen in recent years has been to this countries detriment. The liberal elite have led us this far and intend it to get worse, much worse. We are paying a terrible price for allowing the likes of Newgas and als having the loudest voices in the land. They despise us and everything we stand for yet take what we offer and feel duty bound to declare us ignorant fools. We have been fools to have let it get this far for Labour have done the damage they intended, it cant now be undone.
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