What is happening to my wall?

How about cleaning it all in the summer let it dry and try that brick sealer products to make it waterproof
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I am a little embarrassed replying back to this almost a year on - I can only apologise for the delay and try and use a new born not too long after the last reply on here as an excuse !

If I could ask a few more questions and apologise again for vanishing - it would be much appreciated...otherwise, I'll go back to my corner and watch the rain continue to drip onto the brickwork :- )

In short, I had to park this for the above reasons and then when I finally could get back to it, we've had pretty bad weather.
In the meantime, I spoke to a handyman company who has done work on this house before and was supposed to "fix" it using potentially @jeds method of using an anodised aluminium angle moulding but as is the very common issue either with me or this area, got the dreaded call he can't make it now and to reschedule (meant to be this morning).

I'm now considering maybe attempting this myself but again going by the comment @jeds has made - am I sticking it so that it looks like an L on top of that lip/edge of the roof implying the water runs back onto the roof or am I sticking it so that it is inverted to run it off that lip so that the rain goes away from the roof/towards the garden ?

I'm now considering maybe attempting this myself but again going by the comment @jeds has made -
Am I sticking it down so that the edge of the angle join is against the lip of the roof edge (Almost L shape) so that the water runs back towards the roof?
Or am I sticking it down so that it essentially fits over the edge like a 7 shape so it acts like an extension of the roof edge and so water goes away from the edge towards the garden (essentially over the camera)

@big-all / @robinbanks thank you also - The felt comment - do you mean tuck it inside the lip where it goes over the brickwork so that it raises it slightly? There is flex in that entire edge so I assume this is an option?

As for the ply on top, I did manage to do this shortly before the new born arrived and I felt it improved but of typically there was almost no rain and so as the brickwork started to dry, it started to look like damp/wet.

Thanks again and apologies once again -
The quick solution of beading with silicon is also something I could potentially do this weekend but may make it difficult if the surface is not smooth should I need to them go down the route of the angle moulding which seems like the trick given the mentions here and handyman.

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