What is happening to my wall?

Great result if it is proven just to be the drip detail on the top of parapet. The existence of the other descriptions on the roof don't bode that well though in my book. I don't think I'd be happy with just gluing on some pvc drip strips as the fix either. The membrane over the top will need re-working to do it properly. But that's me.
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@jeds I did take a video so I will try and hunt this down. When you say wide steel coping, do you mean they grey bit above the gap pointed out in the image by @pcaouolte ? No idea what is under it but what you see is not steel. Its the same material the rest of the roof is lined with and is fairly flexible in that it can move when you grab it - however from memory, you are right, it pools and then runs off the edge.
OK, got it. I thought it was a pressed steel coping but it's obviously a coping covered in the roofing material - probably EPDM.

Either way, as wessex101 nicely illustrated, It looks to me like water running off the edge and dripping down the wall. The pattern of the staining and algae is exactly what I would expect from that sort of issue. It's a good idea to test it with water when it is dry. Use a small watering can and run the water very slowly from both sides and note where it runs and pools? If you see it run off the edge somewhere above the staining then you have your answer.

What should happen is the coping should fall towards the roof and any water on the coping should run onto the roof. The fall should be minimum 1 in 40 which would be about 10mm across that coping. You can also check that with a spirit level.
Thanks all for your advice
Still not in a position to be able to test - freezing fog yesterday, cold again I think overnight which will no doubt cause some condensation on the roof making it difficult to test.

I have noticed a board up of a roofer down the road who also deals with brick cleaning which ideally I would want done to bring back to its former condition the best it can so this might be a good route to go down.

Armed with the information/advice on here so far, I think I'm at a much stronger position now so I will try and get him down to have a look and quote on the findings.
I wonder if it is also worth again based on a comment on here, getting a quote on adding a secondary drain near the camera/on the other wall. The one house that has two drains is in this manner - the existing corner one and then opposite side to the right of where my camera is.

Will report back on here what the findings are and go from there

I think either way whatever the issue is, it is not something I would have the skills to undertake

@jeds I think you (and @wessex101 ) have most likely hit the nail on the head there. I am more than 95% sure the video I had take in the heavy rain demonstrated exactly this.. I just did not think it would be any different to the wall being hit by rain but clearly this is an issue

Speaking to the two neighbours who have cladding around their brickwork, they've both said their cladding is turning a bit green and they too have water pooling so chances are we all have the same issue
Parapet walls should shed rain not collect it . Why did they put a swimming pool on the roof ?
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Parapet walls can be a right pain.

Check out 'skillbuilder' on youtube.
Speaking to the two neighbours who have cladding around their brickwork, they've both said their cladding is turning a bit green and they too have water pooling so chances are we all have the same issue
I don't think the outlet is a problem, one should be sufficient for that small roof. If anything it possibly could have done with a greater fall towards the outlet. Did you get a chance to check the fall of the coping - with a spirit level? While you're there, check the roof at the same time. Although what are you going to do about it if it isn't brilliant? The roof I mean - the coping could be adjusted relatively easily.
Is it no different to the wall being rained on ?
It has all the signs of persistently being damp. Reason is fine as it comes and goes, but a wall that's always wet will start to look messy... Like yours. Water is definitely running down from the top from somewhere, in a slow seep.
I think you said water pools above... That is a very likely 2+2 it's just finding how. The roof should be fine with standing water but could have a tiny leak or be overflowing.

Or it might just be water catches the angle... Dripping off your security cam. It doesn't take much and water will drip from the same point and the effect builds up
Thanks all - for some reason no notification by email so I missed the last few responses
@foxhole You should have seen it when we had that constant rain a few months ago! Whats worse is that single point of exit gets blocked very easily as there is a dip just before the drain and so leaves settle there blocking rain water going out.

I've become a bit customed to the ladder now so I can clear it.

@noseall Unsure - we always felt a more floor to ceiling door would have made sense but like most new builds, they would have cheaped out and bulk purchased parts that the non-private homes also got.
**Update** following a roofer who has just been to check the roof

He agrees with all of you - it has got to be the flat raised area where the water pools and that is running down the Parapet wall and down the wall.

Solution 1: Expensive. Would be a case of adding a lead surround to block any water coming away wall side but apparently would be £1400 for parts + the same for labour.

Solution 2: He will have a look at potentially gluing down a batton all round to again keep water falling wall side.

Solution 3: Will speak/look into other methods

So currently we have the above + the one from a while back who spoke about adding PVC plating around it
Apologies for the late reply - I did not see the question mark reply.
So in a bit more detail - the comments regarding water pooling is what he mentioned too (without me mentioning anything) and that it then drips off the sides hitting the bricks.

Still not resolved...as expected, that roofer did not get back to me with actual quotations.

I've finally managed to grab a video of what is happening when it rains:
Youtube uploaded video

I have since spoken to a handyman of sorts who I happened to sell something to for pickup and he also commented on the wall/roof. His advice was not to use a roofer as it was most likely not a big enough job which was why I was getting 0 luck in getting someone to fix it but someone like a handyman/property fixer up.

Had a wealth of information on the whys/hows but ultimately due to distance, would not entertain the job.

KEy advice from him was potentially putting a piece of timber (I think) trim all the way round on the flat part to essentially draw the water away from the edge and back into the roof area. It would be glued down as to not open any further holes from screws.
Would most likely not be a perm fix however.

Hopefully the video helps
the problem in my oppinion is not the water on the face running down the wall so his cure wont work
if you can get a bit off roofing felt or dpm and tuck it in the top temporarily and slope away from the wall about 6 inch will separate the feed to the problem and say yes or no before anything permanent
Agree with bigall; obtain a sheet of ply or similar and balance it atop the wall in the corner, so that it sticks out a foot past the wall face on both sides of the corner. That should stop most of the water dripping off the capping, so drips don't hit the wall face. See what happens to the stain over the course of some time
Quick fix; run a bead of clear silicone around the outer edge of the coping. Slightly less quick fix; Source and stick a 25mm angle moulding around the outer edge. This will obviously take a bit of fettling. A 4mm thick moulding would be enough to prevent water running over the edge.

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