What is this bolt called, where can I buy one?

17 May 2013
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United Kingdom
I'm trying to replace the bolt holding my piano pedal in place. It is a long (~100mm) bolt of size probably M6 but has a 90 degree bend meaning you don't have to remove the pedal to fit it, it just rotates in.

I've been searching and come across hook bolts, anchor bolts, etc, but really struggling to find somewhere selling them though I did find a picture - they look basically like a threaded allen key:


I thought I'd found one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001L5PKJY

But apart from it turning out to be a bit too thick, the more-than-90-degree bend stops me getting it in easily.

Can anyone help? I can't find one on Amazon or Screwfix and when I search for it as a piano part, no results come up at all.
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I don't think I've the capabilities to bend something unless it's literally a case of bashing it with a hammer - I can't heat it and am worried it would shear otherwise.

Sawing I can probably manage although it might be an effort with a hacksaw? Which material would be easiest to work with from stainless steel, plated mild steel or "high tensile galvanised" steel given that I do not need an immensely strong fitting?

Graphskill look a good bet. They have exactly the part I want (L bolt they call it) but sadly only in M8 or above. Whereas a square bolt as linked above they have in M6. Since they manufacture rather than just distribute perhaps I might get somewhere asking them to saw a square bolt in half rather than manufacture me something bespoke, it would take them presumably just a moment with proper equipment?
If you have an hack saw it will cut any of those materials without any difficulty.
Great. I've gone with a square bolt and will fashion two L bolts with a bit of luck!

Thanks for the help all.
Just an update - this worked out perfect. £5 for a big M6 square bolt, £8 for a hacksaw (my junior one wouldn't cut it) and it took about a minute to get two perfect M6 L bolts of correct size. My piano is now put back together again and I feel quite pleased to have learned a new trick.

Many thanks for the advice.

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