What nail gun?

9 Sep 2013
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United Kingdom
Hey guys.

I'm looking at buying a nail gun, but have no idea where to start.

I understand I need a 'first fix' or 'framing gun'

I'm looking at the cordless paslode one in screwfix, but really can't afford that sort of money, not for just a couple of projects around the home.

It'll mainly be used to build my garage first, so will need to fix 4x2 together.

I've got a compressor, so it can be an air one if need be, or cordless.

But what should I get?

Many thanks
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I've just recently bought a Paslode IM350 from ebay.

I set myself a budget of £200 and just waited. Eventually after a few weeks, i got one for about 190ish. If you watch for a week or so you get a feel for things and i felt £200 was about the right price for a used one in half decent condition. Cheaper ones tend to have bits missing, and the cost to replace the bits is usually more than the amount they're cheaper by!

It needs a good clean/service, but this is DIYable fairly easily and the manual has comprehensive instructions. Furthermore i know that after using it i'll be able to resell for the same price.

That said, if you've got a compressor and dont mind lugging the pipe around, you could well go ahead and buy an air powered one from ebay. I've seen air powered Paslodes sell for around £50.
I have a paslode framing nailer. My opinion?
A piece of junk.
Stays in its case most of the time.

Stick with air if you've got the compressor.
An estwing never misfires btw. :LOL:
dunno whereabouts in sussex you are,but look in this weeks friday ad,diy and tools as someone is selling a couple of nail guns that might just be up your street ;)
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Thanks for the advice.
I've been looking on eBay, and 200 is what I was thinking, so we shall see.

What makes it a piece of junk? What does/doesn't it do that makes you unhappy with it?

I didn't even think to look in the Friday ad! I've just found it, I'll give him a call today see if he's still got it. Not far from me!

Its A Paslode Impulse IM 350/90CT.

Great novelty at the beginning and could give guys coming behind stripping formwork a real hard time.
Then the misfiring started. Sent it back to service agents a couple of times and no improvement.

A couple of formwork joiners I know with about 50 years of experience between them just laugh if they see a nail gun on site.
And rofl when it starts misfiring. :LOL:
My paslode IM350 worked spot on for about 5 years then just gave up the ghost.

I've now got a dewalt gasless nailer and it's brilliant. :)
ive got a dewalt gasless finishing nailer,works a treat for joinery but of no use in stud work situations.
Mine is the first fix one. It does up to 90mm ring shank nails.
Yeah can't give a thumbs up for the paslode my IM350 kept jamming too despite 2 services.
My Paslode First Fix works in summer but not in Winter
My De Walt Works all year long but is expensive to buy
My Cheap as chips ( £75 from Machine mart 2 years ago ) Clarke first fix gun works from the compressor all year long

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