What size of screw to use for securing Kitchen cabinets??

6 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
Hello there chaps,

we are currently refitting our kitchen, with mostly new cabinets, and yesterday we got around to fitting the first two of 6 wall cupboards.

These ones are 800cm wide X 720cm high X 30cm deep, and are 18mm carcasses, from MFI, so have hardboard backings.
They have what I assume are the usual style fixings, ie a plate on the wall with two adustable holes, and one non adjustable.
I took the decision to just use two of the holes on each bracket, the fixed central one, and the one towards the corner of the cabinet if that makes sense - where the most load is from the 'claw' from the carcass.

My question revolves around screws - I do not presently have any size 10 screws, and ended up using Size 8 screws, by 2.5" - going through a red rawl plug.

So each cabinet has 4 of these holding it up, all have a fairly good bite into the plug/wall, and feel pretty secure, I tightened up the claws with no issues.
But of course they have yet to have all the shelves fitted (Planning two per unit) or doors fitted - will be ordering some high gloss offerings off tinternet, and of course no contents either.
Don't expect to put anything stupidly heavy in there, but from the sheer size of it, it probably will end up with a reasonable amount of weight in it, as light food items, such as cereal, can only take up so much space.

So my question is, should I take them off, put new plugs in, and stick some bigger (Size 10?) screws in?
Or should I stick a baton along the wall under the cupboard?

Perhaps I should even do both??

Or is it fine as it is?!

Many thanks

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I would go for Cabinet Hanging Rails.

These are like 2-metre long strips of those little wall strips that the cabinet hanger goes onto

As they are so long, and have screw-holes every inch or so, you can easily and firmly fix then to the wall. You can also lift up your cabinets and slide them along the rail as your whim takes you. I think I used 2-inch no.10 screws about one every 500mm. The rails are incredibly strong and rigid when fixed.

They are available from Woodfit but I got my last lot from a company called BK. Mine are made by Hafele.
Hi John,

many thanks for your reply - looks like those strips are only available from a few select places.

I assume you need to notch the backs of the cupboards out so they will still sit flush against the wall?

I guess that makes setting the height a lot easier too, as you can just use a spirit level and then know the whole track is plumb straight.

I shall carry out some further investigations.



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