Which Screws and Rawl Plugs For Kitchen Cabinet WallBrackets

4 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
OK I have seen answers to this kind of message but just to be doubly sure I would like confirmation as to what length and Guage of Screw and Rawl Plugs should be used to secure the brackets for hanging Kitchen Wall Cabinets.

The Wall Cabinets are Full Height 720mm High x 290mm Deep (1 x 500mm, 1x 450, 1 x 1000mm).
The Brackets Supplied are 48mm x 26mm and have 2 x Srew Holes 6mm Diameter.
The walls are Cavity Brick Concrete Render with a Plaster skim.
Assume that the cabinets will be full of crockery and tinned food.

I already have two types of Brown Rawl Plugs one is 30mm long with two protruding flanges (Masonary?) with a closed bottom and the other is 45mm long no flanges with a split from the centre to the end both 7mm wide

I suppose they are fine otherwise Howdens would not supply them with thier Kitchens but to be honest the ones i took out seemed far more beefier 3 x Screw Holes and about double the size the cabinets were slightly taller though.

Many thanks
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I would never assume that the wall plugs supplied by a manufacturer are adequate for the intended use, as they so often aren't.

However, in this case brown plugs should be fine, with no. 10 screws or their metric equivalent (approximately 5mm). The length should be the depth of the fitting, plus the length of the plug. Some plugs are designed for the screw to penetrate the end by 2mm or so for the best fixing, so add this.

I think it's more important to have sound fixings into masonry rather than using enormous screws, for a static load. I normally level and fix a batten under the bottom edge of a wall cupboard to improve security and ease the task of mounting it.
Thanks All;

I opted for Wickes High Performance Wall Plugs as suggested but used 12 Guage 2 1/2 Inch Screws. First couple of brackets were a bit wonky and one felt a bit dodgy but the next couple were sound, one more set to go.
To be honest I am still unsure wether these cabinets will be secure with 4 Screws and 2 Brackets ? If I fit a pelmet I will definately consider an additional batten support.
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The brackets are more than adequate and even wonky will adjust to level easily.
if you find the hole is a bit loose or crumbly, or the plug is not a firm fit all round, blow or wash all the dust out (this is very important) then get a tube of NoMoreNails or similar, put the nozzle deep into the hole (so it fills from the far end) and withdraw it slowly as it fills, so therte is no gap or air bubble. Then poke your plasplug in and smooth of the stuff with a wet finger. You can adjust the position of the plug while it is fresh. Leave it overnight to harden, and when you drive the screw in the next day you will have a good firm fixing that will not come loose or pull out

Remewmber the screw, and the plug, have to go at least an inch into brick or bloch, ignoring the plaster. For a heavy kitchen cabinet I would use 50mm (two inch) screws

if you have several to do, drill them all first; then wash them all; then add the NoMoreNails and Plugs in a batch.

This is the best new DIY tip I have learned in many years.
On a similar vein to johnD use a quick drying adhesive/filler instead. isopon p38 car body filler works well and goes off in under 30mins.

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