What to do about leaking shower mixer?

20 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom
My plastic shower mixer has split and is leaking down the wall. At the moment it's usable, it only leaks when the shower is on but it is slowly getting worse.

I have lived in the house for 12 years and the shower was installed when we bought the house so it's "getting on a bit".

The problem is that the pipework comes up from the floor and is buried in the wall, so I need to effect a repair/replacement without chopping out the tiles.

And this is where I need advice or suggestions.

There is no name on the mixer other than "Opella" on the nuts above the red and blue connections. So far I have been unable to locate a replacement with the same connections. I naively thought shower mixers would conform to some british/DIN standard and have the same fittings.

The mixer is supplied by a shower pump in the airing cupboard where the pipework is accessible, so I could fairly easily reverse hot & cold if necessary.

Some pictures follow. Apologies for the state of the internals :oops: , (Mrs Stem can't clean inside, and would be horrified to know I'd posted this picture)

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they where made by powered showers
Eventually taken over by Supajet

if i remember they where power by a brightplan p1800rs pump
the later valves came without the grey outlet on the bottom and
you had to remove it to put on the new valve.
but of cause they where sealed to the old valve and you had to cut them off and reseal it on the new valve.
If i remember they where power by a brightplan p1800rs pump
You are right. I still have the Brightplan pump in my garage. I took it out, because the pump operating switch which was in the mixer failed 2 years ago, so I had to substitute it for a pump with an integral flow switch.

The grey bit looks original, the leak is from a the back of the white plastic above.

Any idea if spares for the mixer are still available anywhere?
what a surprize yes the reed valve in the mixer fails on them.

leave it with me tonight and i'll let you know tomorrow.
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I think I have one of those showers, new in box (but very old and dusty) on my garage shelf. If you want it, you can have it for a couple of quid plus postage.

"Message" me if interested and I will take some photos. I think mine has a white plastic casing and has plastic elbows which may have a push-on fitting
Thanks seco services & JohnD for your replies. JohnD I have "messaged" you. Hope it works, I've not used this facility before.

Just in case anyone is interested, or has a similar problem. I couldn't get a replacement mixer with the same connections. so, I had to bite the bullet buy a new mixer and change the pipework. It turned out, that the pipes were buried in from the landing side of the wall, so the chopping out and pipe adjustment took place there (Fortunately after re-plastering I had enough spare wallpaper to make good) I then managed to carefully remove two tiles from the wall behind the bathroom cabinet without breaking them to make good the two damaged tiles where the pipes had moved.

Here's the end result

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