What type of shower can i fit ?

19 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
Want to fit a shower in my sisters new house but dont know what i can fit.

Electric is out of the question as it all laminate floors and means destroying some to get a cable to the bathroom upstairs.

The water tank is a strange affair .

Never seen one like it.

The hot water tank sits in a cupboard at the top of the stairs but its not a cylinder its a tall rectangular tank with alid on top that you can remove and its full of the hot water .

At the top on the fron of this is a small header tank with a ballcock in it .

I asssume a mixer shower wont work as the shower head would be at about the same height as the top of the tank.

Would i be able to fit a tank in the attic and fit a power shower ??
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would have to check but im sure i saw that name on a plate on the fron t of the header tank.
Is the bath cold tap on the main, or does it come from a tank? (try to stop it with your thumb)

Is there a loft above the bathroom?

Would electric be possible if you put the cable on the outside of the place?
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cold tap is definately mains and there is a loft

getting a power supply for an instantaneous shower is nigh on impossible without damaging flooring :(
not an option either unfortunately.

fuse box on front of house and bathroom on the rear.

unless i chuck it over the roof :?:
Didn't you know, having satellite and broadband cables festooning your house is the latest fashion, so a thicky one would be really groovy.

Might be easiest to go up the house to the loft then back down inside.

I spke to her about running the cable in a trunking up the corner of the wall and the same in the upstairs room to get into the attic but she says no that.

Can the elson tank be replaced with a normal hot water cylinder and put a cold water tank in the loft ?
I meant up the OUTside of the house.

Yes you could replumb your house, but if you're afraid of messing things up it could be a problem!
One solution would be to go "unvented" - you use a cylinder which works at mains pressure. "Megaflo" is a make but often quoted as the type. They can go most places, including the loft - save room where the Elson is (bin it)?
First you'd want your mains pressure and flow measured. Minimum cost about £1200, probably. Decent shower with no pumps though.
Think this mega flo idea is beyond my abilities but would a normal h/w cylinder fed from a tank in the attic work ok as well. cheaper also

I could then fit a powershower as there is a socket right outside the bathroom that i could tale a fused spur from.

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