What video game are you playing?

Finally trawling through The Last of Us 2, just superb, scary as hell in places. Everything about it is just excellent.
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For anyone that's interested, Sniper Elite VR is out today, can't wait to get into it
I missed this, was it any good?
I have played SE since SE1, spent about 7 years on SE2.
More recent versions have been cack, how was the Vr version?
been playing alot of rust lately careful, that game will take years off your life
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Maybe to do with lockdown but recently been replaying old games that I loved as a kid like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tomb Raider and the early Resident Evil's recently.

Did by the Crash and Spyro remakes as well and thought they were pretty good :D
I am giving Minecraft a holiday (even though there is a new version just released) and am now playing "Hunter:Call of the Wild" as it was free on Epic games over the weekend. Although I also have a Ghost Recon and several other games waiting for me to play them.

I just never have enough time in the evenings and what with having to go to work this gaming lark has to wait lol
I recently played Stronghold 2, and sports. But my recent "game" is android development, android studio IDE. As I'm currently doing android app development, focused mobile apps. Do you know any good pc games I can spend my time with? As I said I prefer sports and strategy

That brought back memories of the original "Stronghold"! I got this for Christmas the year it came out. I remember sneaking off upstairs Xmas Day to play it and the game's welcome greeting wished me a Merry Christmas. Must have been programmed to play it when the PC's calendar reached that date.

I don't play games anymore, but SimCity 4 was excellent and a massive step up from SimCity 3000.

If you like Empire-building games, Victoria was great but massively improved with the release of Victoria 2 which I had chance to have a go with a few years ago. Very immersive and historic.
I'm replaying Days Gone for the second time. It is the only game i've ever successfully played more than once.

Before that I had just finished Spiderman MM. Which I loved, but was very similar to the first game.
Just an update. Based on recommendations I am playing ghost of tsushima and it is SENSATIONAL.

Thank you.
Having a re-run through Bioshock, still has the hairs on the back of my neck standing up now and then, may move on to 2 and then 3, otherwise it will be RDR2.
I'm replaying the witcher one more time. exciting tha the you can change the line of events
I have all but stopped gaming, I don't get the time as now I spend my time designing things to 3D print.
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