What's the best Anti-virus software?

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do you have some kind of disorder which makes you repeatedly ramble on about how your favourite machine is wonderful and the rest of the world is rubbish? you might be happier on a forum of like-minded enthusiasts where you will found be less tiresome.
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So which virus or malware have you seen on your Mac. ? I never have and neither has anybody on any of the Mac forums. It would make interesting news if you could tell me what it was and when.

I dont have a mac or any of apples products, I can think for myself and like to chose what I do with the stuff I buy it and what I do on it. Apple dictate (as in dictatorship) what you do with "your" purchase not you.

But since you ask: http://www.securemac.com/ take your pick

Another one? Here you go: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/201...000-active-users-and-plenty-of-malware-found/

How about a history: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2010/11/24/apple-mac-malware-short-history/

More: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2009/08/12/reports-apple-mac-trojan-horse-wild/

In action?: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2009/03/25/apple-mac-malware-caught-camera/

Apple ahead of microsoft in bug count and have been for years: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/07/12/secunia_threat_report/

You are in denial. The Reality Distortion Field you are in is not real protection.

All publicity is good publicity' it is said. That includes items such as this debate. Wise people see through the nonsense and are prepared to pay more for the quality. Bit like Rolls Royce V Ford.

You're wrong idiots can't see through the non-sense and thats why they buy macs, its a fashion item and thats its only appeal.

And apple have been trying to hide faults with their hardware and software for years, exploding batteries anyone? What about the mac magnetic charging port that set fire to itself.

And if all publicity is good why do apple try and hide the fact (powerflup that is FACT) that macs are vunerable to viruses? Ecxample recently: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/security/358837/apple-slammed-for-stealth-security-update

Quality will always prevail for those of us who can afford it not that there's that much difference in prices taking how long Macs last without fault into account.

Fact is hardware for hardware macs are PCs. Therefore there's no justification for the massive price of apple software which is the only thing I can think that makes up the price.

I can build myself a machine running the same hardware as a mac for half the price of a mac (which I can, I've tried). Say this is £1000 without an OS (Hell if I install linux thats with an OS); that means OSX costs £1000. Makes windows >£100 look positively cheap!

The argument about them lasting longer is a fallacy as well. The fact is a PC will last just as long if it needs to but PC owners want an upgrade every now and then, like 3-5 years. I don't want to keep a computer for longer.

You are being ripped off! Apple are laughing all the way to the bank!
No. None of those have even been on Macs. Let the readers decide for themselves. They must think you're a MS shareholder
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The items listed above are 'potential' risk but never appeared on any Mac. computer.

Due to my position with Apple UK I get to visit the base in California now and agin. There are a team of eight Engineers employed just to ensure that any malware that might slip through the net, doesn't. Hence there has never a virus on a Mac.

Microsoft doesn't do this to any extent. They rely on their customers buying anti-virus software to do it. Expensive.

Ignorance is bliss it is said. Entertains me no end
The items listed above are 'potential' risk but never appeared on any Mac. computer.

These things are caught in the wild. You're just unable to accept reality.

E: Mods, you're happy to delete my minor jabs, but you're fine leaving his ignorance and stupidity all over the forum?
Mods, Please take note:
The OP asked:
What's the best Anti-virus software?

NOTHING what so ever about Apple MACs.

You remove certain posts that are aimed at the MAC TROLL who persists in spoiling genuine requests for help and advice, but you leave his innate jabberings about a system that no one asked about.

Would it be possible for you to standardise what you will allow and what you will not? For a start, as not one single post by powerfulp is relevant to what the OP asked, perhaps you could use your position to remove HIS posts as well as others that you have already deleted.
If having a big salary is a vested interest then so be it but my purpose here is to inform questioners that there is a means of Computing whereby they can switch to Macs, (As hundreds of thousands of users have) and rest assured that there has never been and its unlikely there will be any form of Malware on a Mac. including so called Viruses. They are for PCs only

Like it or not there is no way that Forum readers will be misled. To assume otherwise is an insult to them.

Mac reigns supreme and will continue to do so. I rest my case without trying to be offensive. That would be childish.
Your bias and ignorance is offensive.

Macs have malware. This is simple, unbiased fact.

Mods, seeing as he's just explicitly stated his purpose here is advertising Macs, please, remove his posts per rule 3.
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