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3 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
I am currently in the process of puting a stud wall in to create two bedrooms from one. (wall was removed by previous owners)

I have read up a lot of stuff to do with taping and joining plaster board and I'm ok with the straight edges but what angle bead is best for the external corners?

Should I use the tape with the metal strips? or could I use an metal angle bead? I feel the metal angle bead would offer more protection.

Also is the paper tape or the mesh scrim better for the other joins?

Many thanks in advance for the advise.
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use thin coat bead ie razer bead stapal on then joint and sand
Fine coat corner beads if you are skim coating.
metal corner tape for filling.

self adhesive mesh tape for your boards if skimming, paper if filling.

make sure you use tapered edged boards if you are taping and filling.
i always use thin coat beads regardless of whether taping or skimming
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Thanks for the replies guys.
I have tapered edge boards but they will be square edged when they come to the corner, don't really want to skim the whole wall, so was just going to tape and join.

The corner tape I have seen doesn't look like it will have metal actually on the corner only down the sides of the corner is this right?

Is the mesh tape no good for the joins if using jointing compound? I had heard it was better than the paper tape.

Hi plstering, when you say "razer bead" do you mean this stuff? http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.j...amet+Thin+Coat+Minimesh+Angle+Bead+&x=30&y=15

You’ve boarded it wrong if you just wanted to tape & fill; you’ve cut the boards & left yourself with square edges on the corners & if your not skimming, metal tape corner bead is the only option; you’re going to struggle to get it looking right with any of the thin coat angle beads. You should consider getting it skimmed or there is every chance it will look a pigs ear by the time you’ve finished messing about with all the Eeasyfill & sanding; you might as well get it skimmed & make a decent job of it.
I haven't boarded it yet, just got the frame up. Should I board it so the tapers go to the corner, then use the angle bead for a better finish?
I thought if I done that then the angle bead would sit to low and then the corner would not be right.

plstering, thanks for the advise, I would like to use these rather than the tape with the joining compound if possible.
So do I have the tapers going in to the corner and use the metal angle beads? would this be correct? Or have square edge in the corners?

Many thanks
If you butt square edged corners use corner tape, if you butt tapers at the corners, you can use a thin coat angle bead. You will need a much wider area to blend in a thin coat angle bead & use a lot more filler.
Sorry Guys, a few more questions which I can't find an answer for.

Am I best to use the fibreglass scrim for the joins or the paper tape?
I have an internal corner to do too, not sure if the fibreglass scrim will be too think for this.

Also if using the paper tape, when bedding in to the mud, do you press it hard up against the plasterboard through the mud, or just push in to the mub a little way?
I'm using tapered edge boards, so there will be a fair bit of mud in there first.

Many thanks for all the advise.
IMO you want paper tape for that internal joint, make sure it's well whetted before you stick it into the mud tho, ideally you want it with an equal layer of mud both behind and on top of it, you may find using an internal corner trowel makes it easier to apply the mud and the tape.

having said all this it's been a while since i've done any taping and jointing, skimming's my thing.
last time I did any taping and jointing I used a plastic/paper tape with a built in crease for the internal corners, it did make the job a lot easier, but in the past I have used plain jointing paper and yes a corner trowel does make all the difference.
Thanks guys. Paper tape it is. I'm starting it this weekend so any other tips would be appreciated. My Grandad used to be a plasterer, so hopefully some skill has been passed on! :)

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