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27 Oct 2003
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United Kingdom
I'm painting external window frames with the Dulux Trade Weathershield system (undercoat and gloss already bought).

I can't get hold of the Dulux Trade Wood Primer in time, so my choices are the Dulux Trade All Purpose primer (solvent based), or a different brand of wood primer - "Ronseal Super Flexible Wood Primer & Undercoat" looks to be the best of the rest. Which would you go for?
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The Dulux trade and other Dulux is absolutely garbage! If you want a real solid finish go with Johnstone's stormshield undercoat/primer gloss! Ive been using it for 3years and its the best in my opinion! Dulux is one of the worst paints these days I've found.
If you want to stick with the Dulux system buy a tin of zinsser 123 its a waterbased primer sealer.
I'm painting external window frames with the Dulux Trade Weathershield system (undercoat and gloss already bought).

Read more: //www.diynot.com/forums/decorating/which-primer.289191/#ixzz1XBb6gG4t

The Dulux primer is like a preservative, only for bare wood and essential to clean it off any paint before you paint over. I don't use it now, but it used to have a bluish tint which bled thro the undercoat and suspect the preservative was the cause of paint actually not adhering to timber :evil: The undercoat in the weathershield is supposed to be a primer .
the system is on bare wood>> preservative primer,+ I undercoat to act as a primer, followed by another undercoat then gloss.
I use zinsser coverstain as a primer.

But my sentiments are with cheshire decs
Interesting to find what the rest of us are doin ;)
Thanks guys. It's only for spot priming previously painted window frames, so I've decided to just thin the undercoat 1:10 as described on the tin and use that to prime.

I'll save Cheshire's advice for 8 years time when the Dulux Weathershield system finally wears out ;)
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8Years? That what it says on the tin? Should never leave exteriors that long keep on top of it, 5years max... In your case every 5months with that pizz ;)
Agreed Dulux is going down the pan fast.

Just done some exterior windows and front door used sikkens XD on top of their primer u/c. Nice paint have used it before, they reckon 10 years but i'll believe it when i see it, i think if you get five years the customer should be happy.

Will check out the johnstones stormshield as could do with something else for a cheaper alternative. In fact looking to switch to johnstones for a few products, i've looked at the website and i cant work out which one is the every day vinyl matt, maybe i'm being thick but what do you guys use? Choice seems to be flatt matt, high opacity stuff and the contract but what would be the equivelant of say dulux trade vinyl matt?
Coverplus is good paint and I'd say the closest.
aluminium wood primer is very durable outdoors, and also seals knots and resinous patches, so no need to use knotting.
Dcdec- notsire that the stormshield range is cheeper but its fantastic!! Ive totally gone to Johnstone's now as in the last thew years theve gone from a cheap crappy paint to a real solid paint and rite up there as one of the best!
With there emulsions coverplus is there standard but I always use Johnstone's durable mat its similar to Dulux diamond but better in my opinion. There high opacity mate is fantastic aswell.
Thanks to you both.

I agree Johnstones seem to be way better than they've ever been, hear alot of good things about them so will gradually start to kick Dulux into touch.

Funnily enough just been to look at a small job this morning, just one window and a front door so just a litre of u/c and a litre of gloss, thought lovely i'll use the stormshield, just checked it out and looks like the minimum you can buy is 2.5 litres. I find this really annoying. As we've all discussed in previous threads 'times are a changin' and many of us are looking to change to different manufacturers, surely Johnstones should make this stuff available in one litre cos i'm gonna have to use weathershield now (don't want to) because i don't have enough money in the job and will be last exterior of the year so no chance of 2.5 litre tins getting used up on another job, plus don't want to be stuck with 5 litres of paint if i don't like it. Same with their pliolite that only available in 5litres.
I wish the manufacturers would help us out a bit and actually think like a deccie from time to time and surely it would help their sales out and assist in converting us away from the likes of dulux if we could try their products at not to higher cost?

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