whirlpool adp 2966 whm not very hot

13 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
just recently the water in my dishwasher seems to be running at different temperatures. Twice the dishwasher has finished its cycle only to find on completion the tablet hasn't dissolved. checked and cleaned all filters, no probs there, tried again and result was pre wash was a cold wash then went on to wash cycle after what seemed like 10 to 15 mins the water got hot tablet dissolved this time but then water soon went to luke warm for rest of wash leaving dishes unclean. on reading some of the forum i understand there's a temp sensor some where could this possibly be the cause if so where is it and how can i check it out. can anyone help, the wife is making me use the sink!
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Undisolved tablets are normally caused by one of two things. Blocked spray arms (especially the holes at the end) and poor circulation of water.
During the wash it heats the water to the correct temperature and then continues with the program, no further heating takes place until the final rinse.
thanks very much for you're quick response sleepyhead. on your reply i have just checked and cleaned all 3 spray arms and cleaned out the filters again(finding an undissolved tablet which i had thought dissolved previously). there seems to be plenty of water running about inside if door is opened during operation and the see through plastic water panel on back of machine is running water ok. i've just now started up a wash cycle so shall let you know results. could limescale be a problem or a sensor if it doesn't dissolve this time. thanks again. p.s this is a 6th sense washer if it makes any difference.
Doubtful that limescale is a problem.
Your machine is certainly not detecting anything wrong with the elctronics or components so I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the spray arms.
End holes must be clear or the arms don't rotate.
When the dispenser opens it only opens a little onto the top basket. The tablet is held there (unless you open the door) and is disolved by water sprayed from the spray arms. If there's not enough circulation of water or the arms don't rotate then the tablet doesn't get disolved and it drops to the bottom of the dishwasher when you open the door.
On a final note, you should still use salt in your dishwasher even if you're using 3, 4 or 5 in 1 tablets. The tablets do nothing to clean out the softener unit and it will eventually clog up and lead to fill problems.
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what a top man, you seem to know your stuff. i didn't realise how simple things like the tablet door only opened slightly onto the drawer with the passing sprayed water gradually releases soap. i thought it just dumped the tablet. something you recommended worked anyhow, dishes clean and no tablet. machine water after cold pre wash(5 mins)got hot and then got cooler and cooler during 2-3 drains and refills(at this stage this why i thought i had a temp prob) then got hot and went on for 30mins at a high temp, thanks again much appreciated. i can now bin the marigolds.
Thanks very much for letting us know the outcome.
Glad you got it sorted.

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