who is lying ?

Perhaps you live on a different planet to the rest of us, many many stations have run out of fuel and are awaiting deliveries.

The 2 closest to me have coned off all pumps, and only the shop is open.

The problem is people are buying more than normal. This does not mean there is a shortage. People are not driving further.

There was not a shortage of toilet rolls last year - its just some people bought 10 times more than they usually buy. People were not ****ting more (with exception of those with covid)
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How long does a deficit of supply vs demand have to exist before you would call it a "shortage"?

How widespread does it have to be?

Are there objective definitions youre relying on? Do you have your own thresholds of time or number of incidents?


"cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts"
scarcity ·· sparseness ·· insufficiency ·· inadequacy ·· meagreness ·· scantiness ·· limitedness ·· restrictedness ·· shortfall ·· rarity...

Irrespective of what causes filling stations to run out of fuel leaving some drivers unable to obtain any, then even if it is of limited duration why is it not a shortage?


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Some people think it is not a "shortage" if the Johnson Government can be seen to have any responsibility.
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