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21 Jul 2010
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United Kingdom
As mentioned before, I am having 1930s brick & lime mortar walls wet plastered and I got two different opinions on plastering and I am not sure who is right.
First plasterer is telling me that he would PVA the walls then use a coat of browning and a coat of bonding (not sure in which order). Browning and bonding will stick together really well then skim it.

Second one is saying that he would use renovating plaster as bricks would suck out all moisture out of any other kind of plaster. He'd then skim that.

Next thing is uneven wall. First plasterer told me he would use sand and cement to build it up level and then plaster over that. Second one is telling me you can't do that as plaster will not stick to cement even if you scratch it and instead it has to be built up with plaster.

Final thing is room where bricks have been painted. I brushed most of the paint off but there is some left. First plasterer says he can only dry line it. Second one says, PVA and wet plaster should be ok.

Which one is right? :rolleyes:
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i would not let either of them near my house ,you have one spread saying you cant plaster brick as it wont stick,(if thats the case nearly everyhouse in england is in trouble as the plaster should be falling off the walls) and that hes also saying you cant plaster brick with anything other than renovating plaster or it will suck the moisture out of any other plasterer? utter tosh, the other plasterer wants to float your whole house in bonding and he can only dryline a painted wall? i would get a third spread in as neither sounds right to me
I think its the painted brick that he was saying won't stick, not plain brick. And also on sand & cement.
The painted wall would be attacked with a scutch hammer to give the scratch coat a key, if you had a lot of painted walls
you would hire a needle gun or mesh them.
you wouldn't p v a brickwork, you would wet it down with a hose or you would scratch coat with a water proofer or both.

Second one is wrong about building the wall out with render.

jesteh, would you update your other post on what b/c wanted / said, please.
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I chickened out today as person I normally deal with is on leave and who I got on the phone wasn't so friendly. Will try again tomorrow :)
:LOL: :LOL: laughing so hard I've got tears, well at least your honest.
I chickened out today as person I normally deal with is on leave and who I got on the phone wasn't so friendly. Will try again tomorrow :)

They might be off all week....tis the holiday season ;)

LOL. I know where you're coming from.
You haven't spoken to our local duty manager. Lets just say if you did, you wouldn't come back asking for advice :). Last time I asked a question I was given answer why don't I pay someone who know what they are doing to sort it out instead of asking them. It was just 1 question (if I remember correctly, do I need to involve b/c for refelting pitched roof). Until we got given a specific person to deal with, I would normally just google building control number for a random council and ask them instead (and never came across anyone less helpful).

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