Will a Suprima update kit 5111603 work with my boiler?

25 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
About 5 years ago I had my PCB replaced on my Potterton Suprima 50 boiler because it kept on cutting out & eventually got the red flashing light.
The PCB model was 5102160 & I sourced it myself (saved lots £) & got my fully qualified friend to fit it.

However, I'm now getting another problem. Sometimes, when my boiler switches on, the fan starts but never actually tries to light, there's no ignition signal being sent. Eventually, it seems that the boiler 'times out' & the flashing red light comes on - however - the boiler doesn't cut-out, & the fan carries on spinning. Sometimes, I have to reset the boiler 5 or so times for it to ignite, but once it ignites the boiler stays on & doesn't cut-out again. The problem doesn't happen all the time, but it does seem to be getting worse.

So, does this sound like another PCB fault? If so, instead of just replacing the PCB, could I get the Upgrade kit Part No. 5111603? Its only a bit more than a replacement PCB. But I cannot find any reference to it replacing boilers with my PCB model No. (5102160) only ones with a 407750 PCB.

So, does anyone know if the Update kit will work with my boiler & is it worth getting over just the PCB on its own? (is it more reliable, etc)

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Is the GC No of your boiler 41-607-77?

If so, the Upgrade kit, 5111603, replaces both PCB No 407750 and PCB No 5102160.

Info from Baxi PartsArena.
The new PCB only fits the boilers of less than 100,000 BTU.

It should only be fitted by a gas reg engineer.

However, I am not convinced that its the PCB at fault in your case. It might be something much cheaper.

But we cannot give advice to DIYers on gas/combustion related matters so can only suggest you get your friend or any other RGI to diagnose the fault.

Please report back when its fixed to let us know what it was!

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^^^.......... ok.

I think you must be thinking its the red ignition lead. A new one was fitted when I had the PCB replaced as the original one was frayed.
However, i dont think its that as wouldnt the boiler try to ignite the gas & then trip out once it failed?

If your not talking about that, could you please tell what you think it may be??
At least I can mention it to my friend & actually get the part for him to fit.

It a bit like going on a car forum with a engine problem & being told that they know what the problem is but not allowed to say because you're not a qualified mechanic. Knowing is one thing, doing is another.
Tell your friend to register for the gas fitters section of the forum. He'll get all the advise he needs.

Just because you claim to have a "friend" doing the work doesn't mean you have a friend doing the work.

If we told YOU the solution it would be out there for someone without a "friend" doing the work to try and diy the repair.

It is amazing how many people post on here on behalf of qualified "friends" and how many people who are "engineers" need help from a DIY website. :rolleyes:
Just checked & my boiler has a GC No 41-607-77 so the upgrade kit Part No. 5111603 will work.

So at least I know that if the PCB is faulty I can get one of those ordered.
Or it could be the mysterious super secret other fault that I'm not allowed to know about!!!
It's quite obvious you're fishing on behalf of your imaginary friend, carry on. :LOL:

If your not talking about that, could you please tell what you think it may be??

At least I can mention it to my friend & actually get the part for him to fit.

If you have a RGI friend then don't you think he will be able to diagnose the fault better in front of the boiler than we can from miles away?

As I explained we are not permitted to give gas/combustion advice on this forum.

If we did it would be deleted and we would get a black mark!

Why not google 'suprima 50'. Installation instructions with fault finding charts are available to all. Searching on this forum will also be beneficial. Ten years ago it was a regular problem
I think its fixed now. There was a kink in the rubber tube that lead into the Air Pressue switch. I remove the side panel to take a look & noticed the kink in the tube so there was no need to change or replace anything.

As you have not pushed the thanks button perhaps I should remind you that I did say at the beginning that I did not think it was your PCB at fault.


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