Will a unvented cylinder work in conjunction with a combi?

Up until CORGI letting you register un-vented I always used to write to local building control officer, giving details of cylinder, my qualifications and name and address of customer, stating at the end that the installation is open to any inspection he may deem necessary via contact with the householder.

I never ever heard of any of my customers being contacted by building control and therefore no charge ever made, but I had covered myself by notifying it ;)
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good job mate cos I did get em coming out pre self cert days

very very very funny as the bloke had absolutley no idea about em

great aint it
always winds me up when certifying 'knowledgable' experts know s** all about it and obviously less than us :mad:
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saltstein said:
1) I know the difference between direct and indirect, but which one is the cheaper to run?

2) Is the megaflow cylinder direct or indirect?

3) Do you know of a cheap online supplier for the megaflow cylinder, preferably with the solar option?



1) Direct does not have a seperate heat exchanger coil running around inside it, only form of heat is to run the water you use to bathe through a heat source, in old days this was a copper block at the back of the coal fire which had a damper that diverted the gases back around the back boiler before allowing them to go up the chimney. These days the only likely heat source for a direct storage cylinder is an electrical element. Very costly to run compared to heating indirectly via a coil from a Natural Gas heat source (water circulator or central heating boiler) or a renewable energy source (solar panel).

2) Either, you decide when you order one.

3) No.

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