Will For King?

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Lets get this post back on track and look on the brightside at least we are going to get another couple of bank holidays out of this ;)
What, racist Ellal, the person uses the term "4x2’s" and when pulled on it, then tries to style it out by pretending that he was calling someone a plank but instead of saying the word 'plank' he was describing the cross sectional dimensions of a plank. Ellal was caught bang to rights - even the mods deleted that post.
Aww bless...

mottie the forum troll/racist/misogynist shows it's ignorance yet again...

It still claims that the post it deleted was a racist reference...

And it still believes that any criticism of Israel is anti semitic...

mottie is indeed a 'plank', or whatever you want to call it ;)
Well, I can't say for sure, not personally knowing either of them of course but if pushed, I'd say she's used a secret weapon to control him.
You mean she got him to 'knock her up'?
Your post 78.

If you dont understand your own questions, what hope have others got?

Are you saying that I think that all foreigners are criminals and that I don't pull up the British criminals?
British. Criminal. Male. Adult.

Is colour relevant ?

Yes it somtimes is.
But I was more on about nationality, foreigners block or white.

So be it I will play along with you .

Did you think colour was relevant in the Steven Lawrence murder?

Damilola Taylor was the colour of his murderers relevant?
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