Windows 7 install problem

11 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
I've been trying to install Windows 7 on an old PC I have that's running XP. I get an error message saying;
Your computer can't run this version of Windows. You need an installation disc that's compatible with your computer. For more information, check your computer's system information.
I've downloaded and ran the Microsoft Windows & upgrade adviser. It says; "Your current graphics adaptor won't support the Windows Aero User Interface. If you want to experience the benefits of Windows Aero, contact your PC manufacturer or retailer.
I have a Ge Force FX 5500 with 256Mb of RAM in there. Aero hardware requiements are a card with 128Mb.
Can anybody shed some light on what I need?
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Not trying to install the 64bit version are you?

The 5500 is pretty old these days. Is it AGP?
I've given up on it. I got it for a different PC and thought I'd give it a go on another older one too.
Thanks for your help though.
Hi. I've only just recently installed Windows 7 on my computer that had Windows XP on it. You have to download Microsoft's: 'Windows Easy Transfer' program and run it to save your files and settings. I saved mine to a USB flash drive, but it will depend on how large your files and settings are as to whether or not you can use one of these. You may have to save them to another external hard drive or maybe DVDs. I seem to remember the option to do this was offered during the process of saving your files and settings. However, your programs are not saved . You will have to re-install these after Windows 7 has been installed along with your saved files and settings. It's easy to do, so have a go! I used the Windows 7 Upgrade version, which I got from Tescos for £59.00! My on-board graphics card is 128mb and seems to be ok with the Aero graphics or whatever they are called! Let me know if you need more help? If XP was ok on your machine, I should think Windows 7 will be, but I'm sure Windows will tell you during installation. Good luck!
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Is not the size of the gfx ram, its more than likely the shader model and pixel shader versions etc that are incompatible.