Windows 7 64bit, Dell Latitude E6410 problem

8 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
Computer lags and stops responding for long periods in all browsers(firefox, chrome and IE), mouse stops responding.

I have tried system restore. No change

Malwarebytes. No change

Avast scan. No change.

Mouse driver update. No change.

Is this a virus or something?

I've placed this in the hardware section as I think it must be hardware related since I've tried as much software stuff as I can think of? If it's software related, feel free to move it mods...

It’s a Dell Latitude E6410. Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

My Partner uses the exact same computer and has no problems.
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Do you mean it only does this when browsing or it's rubbish all the time?

Close everything.


Open task manager.

Processes tab

Look at general memory and CPU usage and see what if anything is taking up resources.

You may have to click the 'show processes from all users' tab at the bottom to see the full list of programmes running.

Now open up your browser and see if anything starts taking up excessive CPU or memory resources.

If absolutly nothing shows up as eating up resources, but the computer grinds it 'could' be hardware but it sounds software related.
What I did to solve this was to run task manager, and untick all startup options and all non microsoft running services. That solved it. When I have a bit more time, I will tick each one individually until I find the culprit. Thanks for the reply.
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FYI that will stop programmes from loading at startup, they will still run as normal when you go to use them, so no reason to re-tick them.