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9 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a second laptop that I only keep in case of failure or problems with my main laptop.
I'm finding that Windows Update continues 'checking for updates' yet never actually finishes.

The problem is quite well documented and I've found, and tried, a number of suggestions for overcoming the problem. Nothing has worked and, to be honest, I'm becoming so fed up with banging my head against the wall that I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I'll not bother with the bloody updates.

I have Avast anti-virus, Malwarebytes anti-malware, CCleaner and the standard Windows 7 firewall.

Do you think, with these various security software additions, that I need to worry about downloading Windows updates? Would it be reasonably safe just to leave my Windows 7 (SP1) installation just as it is and not bother with updates?
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no expert as you know :eek:
perhaps old laptop with slower prossesor old operating system and loads off updates
wilth limited space on the hard drive to process the updates
in otherwords
you have a 100 spaces in the car park but the update needs 120 clear spaces to complete so the task never finishes or can take far longer as the car park shuffle can take hours
You may be right. I turned it on this morning, with Updates running, and shall see what happens at the end of the afternoon when I have to go out.

What I really want to know, though, is it absolutely necessary to download and install Windows Updates? If my computer can't do that, what will be the eventual outcome?
think off it as trying to load a train to full capacity in the rush hour you need 12 carriges to cope where as off peak a 4 car train will cope easily
if for some reason you have all trains with 4 carriges the trains will be slow and overcrowded till load dies down
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no expert as you know :eek:
perhaps old laptop with slower prossesor old operating system and loads off updates
wilth limited space on the hard drive to process the updates
Well, BigAll, it looks like you are right!
I've left this running all day and the message 'checking for updates' has now changed to 'installing updates' and 'installing update 10 of 215'.
Incidentally, although it does have a slow processor (something called an Intel Atom) it has 214GB free of 283GB on the HDD, so it's not lack of space, just a slow machine. Still, an encouraging development.
Anyway, I shall have to go out soon, so I must turn it off and hope that it picks up again tomorrow.
i dug out my old laptop to see how long it would take
it hadnt been updated for over a year so when i went to update windows 7 it said cannot update as not connected to the internet or somthing like that
after trying several options i gave up and just charged up the battery
i was trying to see if my thoughts where correct or daft o_O
Actually, I left the laptop running whilst we were out. Just got back and the latest message is 'installing update 100 of 215', so I'm going to leave it running overnight.
I can't believe how slow this is, but at least it is working!
I just looked up 'Intel Atom' processors and, as I suspected, they are not renowned for their speed!
Nearly 12 hours on and it is still 'installing update 100 of 215', so obviously it is NOT working.
So I tried to shut down and now the screen says 'Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update 100 of 215.'

No, I've had enough of this nonsense. I'm going to power off regardless and not bother about any more Windows Updates, and damn the consequences.

I'd still be interested to learn just how important these updates are anyway, in case anyone knows.
Windows operating system is full of vulnerabilities that can be used to gain access to your machine. When windows becomes aware of the vulnerabilities they usually make a patch to rectify the problem. Therefore if you want to keep your pc safe and reduce chance of malware infection then you need to keep windows up to date. This is true for all software, especially Java. If you have an outdated java you are at serious risk. Personally speaking I recommend uninstalling java as most people don't need or use it.

On a final note there is a known issue with Windows update which results in a memory leak, I.e. it uses all your ram and slows down your pc. The fix can be downloaded from links in method 2:
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I suppose you're right. I do run Windows Update regularly on my main computer. As for the second one, it's only there for emergencies anyway.
When they begin selling laptops with W10 pre-installed, I think I might invest in one but only after I've given Microsoft the chance to sort out all the inevitable bugs.

Incidentally, I've seen laptops that have a large HDD for storage and a much smaller SSD for speed of boot-up and loading programmes.
Does anyone have any experience of them? Are they a good idea?
Back on topic, I have at last managed to make Windows Update complete. It took several attempts over three days.
Then a surprise: the Windows 10 icon appeared in the notification area, so I thought, "What the hell" and ran it.
Windows 10 was installed and seems to be running well. This has proved very useful, as I've heard that there are still many bugs that need ironing out and I wanted to see what W10 is like at first hand. Fortunately, I haven't encountered any problems yet. The only drawback is that it doesn't include Spider Solitaire!
windows 10 does definatly include spider solitare
one off the few things i enjoy from the update :rolleyes:
I had a look at the X-box thing. After trying to connect and open it for five minutes or so, I finally found some Spider Solitaire games available on the app. store. Unfortunately, none were like the original that I still have on my Windows 7 computer, and none were quite as good as the third-party version I downloaded yesterday.

Thanks anyway.
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