Wireless Adapters gone?

27 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a HP Pavilion P6 Desktop PC. It was running windows 8 and just before Christmas I updated to Windows 10. I'm regretting it now mind you.
However, all was well until Friday.
Windows update ran and restarted my PC. My wireless adapters haven't worked since. They WERE still listed in device manager. But I was getting a connection warning saying that an ethernet cable must be disconnected. SO it was as if the Wifi adapters weren't there.
I tried the obvious first. I uninstalled all of them from Device Manager and restarted. The problem now is, they never came back!! They cannot even be detected now. I've tried adding new hardware, but none can be found.
I downloaded and installed the Windows 10 (and indeed windows:cool: drivers for the adapter but they still couldn't be detected.
I didn't have an old enough restore point for system restore either.

I've researched today, and some people have said that the issue can be solved by selecting your wireless adapter from device manager and selecting update driver, as the drivers from HP aren't the latest ones, and then doing the same for your bluetooth drivers, but that option is no longer available to me.

Any ideas?
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It does not need to be Windows 10, I have a laptop running Vista and the update service does not work, but I still lost the WiFi, I have simply bought a dongle cheap enough not worth the hassle trying to find what has gone wrong.
Has anything appeared under "Other Devices" in Device Manager? If something has appeared there, (after expanding Other Devices) right click on each entry and go to Properties. Then select the Details tab, and where is says Device Description, click the down-arrow and select Hardware IDs. Write down the PCI\VEN details and then search for the (correct) driver with Google. Download and install the driver, either by running the setup file or, if there is no setup file, by selecting Update Driver after right-clicking the device in Device Manager.
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