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19 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom

Can anyone recommend me a decent wireless alarm. Im after 6 door contacts 4 pirs and a smoke alarm. With possiblility of connecting to the router to mobile alert.

Many thanks
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What you mean by connecting to the router for mobile alert? you want it to be IP enabled (connecting to internet)? or simply want a system that can call your mobile phone via Landline?

If you want the latter, I believe the HSA6400 by Yale offers the best value for money (very reliable and uses industrial components). The alarm system will dial out to 3 numbers (mobile/landline) during alarm, and you can remotely disarm your system via pressing the number keys (after you enter the password).

If your house have no landline and want a system that call out via a GSM module, and if money is no objective, you can get a Menvier, Scantronic, system (their GSM module alone, cost more than the whole Yale alarm). It is very fully featured, and suitable if you are technically minded. This will allow SMS beside voice call.

If you want an IP enabled system, you got a few choice. You can go for built in HTTP server like the Visionic Powermax pro which is ip enable (self host), or you can get a third party host system like those offered by Intamac.

I personally felt IP enable system is overkill for normal household, since it offers few advantage unless you start latching on IP cameras and other high bandwidth device to the system. In addition, you have to route through your friewall etc in most cases.

All the system i mentioned above are generally reliable and differ only by feature required. Hope this helps.
cheers for the advice

Calling a mobile via the landline is sufficent, just need to run the phoneline to where the alarm control will be. I'll have a look at the models mentioned.

Thank you
You won't go far wrong with the Yale system , parts are easily purchased too.
Ip systems rely on the broadband being available not just the phone line so can sometimes be out of service.
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hmm,amazingly it has not happened.............yet.

Usually the wireless systems get slated on here, i NEVER had a problem with mine. Funny thing is the pro install wired system in my new house has gone wrong after only 6 months, it decided to disarm itself last Sunday morning @ 7am!! Probably just a bad door sensor but goes to show. Yale was a good DIY system IMO.
Sorry to hear your pro system has had a fault. I have had two faults in hundrds of installs. one was a brand new siren that was exhibiting battery low conditions. i could probably have just changed the batteries but since it was brand new i wasn't sure and had it replaced instead. The other was a faulty keypad , which when I arrived at the home had dog teethmarks in it.
I think all the anti yale was coming from one poster with several identities and since his real identity was revealed he hasn''t been back.
I think all the anti yale was coming from one poster with several identities and since his real identity was revealed he hasn''t been back.
Just like you then with your many identities, but we all know who you are, especially when you post links to a certain alarm 'company?' in the White Rose county.
I totally agree, I joined this site for help and information on alarms, I have had 2 wired alarms both with there share of problems but I don't go rubbishing them I found it expensive calling installers for repairs all the time, so did a few months research on wireless systems and found yale had the best reports, found fitting it easy, alright programing was a bit hit n miss, but after a few helpers on this site all works well, allright its an economy system but with loads of features for the price, and above all it does the job if nothing else its a deterant from the smackhead who just wants easy access into your home for your 42" plasma, incidently the yale 6400 system is on offer at homebase I paid £167, so in my opinion good value, in fact with 2 more sensors I can protect my shed and caravan, so if you want a wired system go for it but dont rubbish wireless systems just for the sake of it. :mad:
I recently bought a Yale alarm on clearance sale at Argos, pretty cheap (I bought an extra one because it was cheaper than buying additional sensors).

I have a much better system on my own home, but this was for an empty house I am looking after awaiting sale.

As the Yale is quite a cheap system, I took the yellow plastic cover off the siren box (you can unclip the blue lens) and resprayed it white, and put an alarm company sticker on it. It seems to work OK. The Homebase special offer looks very good value (provided it is in stock local to you as it is no longer available online) and the phone-enabled panel version looks like the best one to get.

I found the Yale Alarm phone Helpline has been discontinued, and retailers seem to be running down their stock, or out of stock (Homebase, Argos, Screwfix I looked at). I deduce that the product is probably out of production or coming off the market.

BTW you can get additional sensors or other components off Ebay, new or used, at much better prices than in the shops.
I had an ESP infinite prime in my last house and it was great. Everything is wireless including the external bell (with certain kits). It calls you if the alarm is set off and you can even listen to whats going on inside the house.

It was used for a couple of years in our last house without a single problem. I will probably buy the same one again for the new house. If prices are still the same, the kit i bought was about £350 so it's not the cheapest unit but well worth the extra in my opinion.


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