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15 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom

Have a question regarding wireless networking and whether I can solve connectivity problems within my house. I currently have a cable modem (Virgin Media) linked to a netgear fixed wire router in one room (non Wifi). But due to signal strength issues (have tried everything I can think of including boosters) in an old house with thick walls I cannot get a good signal from one room to another, I managed to solve this by using power adapters to broadcast the network signal across the house via the mains.

I now have a requirement for Wifi, can I attach a newly purchased Wifi Router the end of the power adapter network (i believe these are bridge devices) so that it broadcasts the signal in that local area. If I just have the wifi router in the location of the netgear fixed wire router signal is very poor. I would like to keep my current network setup in place and add the additional Wifi router to the configuration.

Any thoughts / assistance would be much appreciated.
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Yes, you can do that. You might even save some money and get an AP instead of a router.

Something like a Linksys WAP54G, they're about £25 on ebay.
It should work but you will have internal networks in internal networks, not a problem if you are just accessing the internet but if you want to access other things on the other network eg printers) it gets rather messy.

Have you tried the newer N standard routers yet, the range is much better than the old Gs?
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Thanks for the pointers. Now setup using a edimax access point
Have you tried the newer N standard routers yet, the range is much better than the old Gs?

Unfortunately, the price isn't. And the penetration hasn't changed.

are you suggesting that the range of N is no better than G???

I don't know if my laptop's N mini pci has 2 or 3 aerials but it is able to pick up a decent signal in parts of my home where none of the g clients could get any signal. I intend to get an N router soon but at the moment a combination of G router and n clients and it is a massive improvement. Am I wrong to expect even more from a N router?
I'm saying the penetration hasn't changed. Range might be better, but the signal won't penetrate stone any better than it did before.
Ok, fair enough, so its the same frequency range and the same output but the ability to utilise ghosts has made a big difference to me, that coupled with the improved aerial configuration on the clients.
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