router woes

15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
My router has decided to stop broadcasting. Neither of our laptops can pick up a signal, yet on my PC which is hardwired in, the router seems to be normal and the wireless light is on. I have checked the diagnostics page on the router and its fine.

What can I do? I have powered the router down twice. Its a Netgear DG834G
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as for the routers not picking up the wireless broadcast, is the routers SSID broadcase enabled?

the strange thing is even if this was disabled the laptops should still have the wireless settings saved and still be able to use the network.

So, todo list (check after each),
1) make sure the wireless option is enabled on the webbased control panel
2) check the SSID broadcast is enabled on the webbased control panel
3) power down the router for 5 seconds.
4) toally reset the router using the reset button on the back (keep button pressed for 10 seconds, power down and start back up) also be aware you will have to re-enter all your settings after you do this.
5) flash the routers software with the latest version of firmware, instuctions to do this can be found on the netgear website.
Philly missed two important points.

Before you do anything back up the router settings to a memorable place, so you can reload them after the router reset.

Tip - when reloading the settings make sure you see a progress bar on the screen. I've found in the past the re-load does'nt always work first time, so you think you have re-loaded, but you have'nt.

To access the router you will need the router user name and password, - user = admin
password = password, both in lower case.
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