Wireless Thermostat

17 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Bought myself one of those Wireless Thermostats from Ebay.

Its a Sunvic and my boiler is a Worchester Bosch HE 30

How hard is it to install? I came with 2 main bits the wireless bit where you can set the temp and timer and the actual box that has a Live a Neutral and a connection that goes to the boiler.

Any advise please?

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Straightforward - instructions are at the relevant mfrs websites...

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As far as fitting the box thats all described in the manaul its what to do on the boiler side of things.

The boiler installation instructions tell you how to connect a thermostat - your box on the wall "looks" like a thermostat, to the boiler.
Thanks I will have a look at the boiler instructions and give it a go.

Just one last question.

If the wireless thing with the lcd on controls the temperature then what does the receiver box that is physically wired to the bioler do? Does that control the temperature of the room its in also? Because I was thinking of installing it at the side of the boiler and controling the temp from the Wireless controller.

Here is a link to the unit I have

The LCD thing, is the sender unit,(you tell it what to send, ie time)
The other bit RECEIVER tells the boiler to switch on at such & such time.
Then the LCD bit is also the temp sensor, so it also sends signal to the RECEIVER to switch the boiler on or off.
(Well I know what I mean)
Yea I get what you mean. But the receiver thing looks like a thermostat as well as a reciever.....
The link you sent isn't a wireless model, its a wired model. The wireless ones are at http://www.sunvic.co.uk/tlxrrt.html. The pictures there (and the 'new model' link) clearly show a tranmitter and a receiver - the receiver being a bigger white box with a couple of buttons.
Have another check, you might need to contact the seller...
Sorry school boy error

Dont think they are buttons just leds

So does the receiver have any thermostatic functions?

Take your perm live to the stat from ther terminal marked LS and the switch live from the stat back to LS .DO not take the stats perm live from the spur or the L terminal if you do you will bi pass the boiler fuse and switch, ie the board fuse could blow but the stat will still supply the board with power when a demand is made.

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