Wiring a friedland surf D422 doorbell with transformer

18 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I have bought a doorbell, as above, and just want to confirm the wiring details as the instructions with the bell are not clear. Am I right in thinking that the transformer is wired to a 13 amp plug with a 3amp fuse, then run 240v cable up to the chime and then from the chime use doorbell wire to the push button.
Sounds easy but I want to make sure its right so I don't electrocute anyone.

Many thanks
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Not sure of that model but i would have thought the bellpush AND the chime would be wired in series to the transformer output rather than 240 volt, though i may be wrong
Thanks for the speedy reply, maybe I should explain a little better as it is the use of which wire that is confusing me as the wiring instructions on the chime and the wiring instructions on the transformer are different.
I have used 50mm 2 core electric 240v cable to a 13amp plug with a 3amp fuse fitted, this runs to the transformer. Now it's the wire from the transformer to the chime that is different on the instructions, on the chime it shows 240v cable running to the chime but on the transformer it shows doorbell wire running from the transformer to the chime. Then I have used doorbell wire to the push button. So which wire is correct from the transformer to the chime.
Hope you can give me some guidance.

Many thanks
Unless you can post a pic or scan of the instructions or find a link to some online its hard to say,
Sometimes its a bit quiet on here saturday night but hopefully someone will help you soon.
You proberly mean 0.5 mm rather than 50mm, your first post did make sense but without seing copy of the instructions its hard to say, but as advised previosly its rare for 240 volt to be needed at the chime, unless it has a built in transformer, in which case you wouldnt need the other transformer.
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What you have proposed to do is wrong.

If you want to power the transformer from a 13 amp plug, connect a 1.0 mm2 two core flex from the plug to the 230 v (primary) side of the transformer. 3 amp fuse in plug.

From this point, all the voltage IS NOT 230 v. It will be 8-12 v. It will say on the bell and transformer. For arguments sake we will say 8 v.

So, from the 8 v (secondary) side of the transformer, run bell wire to the bell (the bit that goes ding dong). Then run a bell wire to the bell push (the button that goes outside).

You should have a diagram to wire the bell up. One individual wire of EACH of the two bell wires gets joined together in a terminal (could be terminal 1, check your diagram.

One remaining wire goes to one side of the bell (could be terminal 0, check your diagram).

The last remaining wire goes to the other side of the bell (could be terminal 3, check your diagram.

With the 8 v bell wire, you should observe it doesn't matter which way round the wires goes, compared to most 230 v stuff where it's vital to get live and neutral the correct way round.
Yes that's the one, thank you so much for that,I'll get it fitted tomorrow.

Many thanks
Hi sparkwright, thanks for that, what you suggest is what I will be doing but would it be safe to use .50mm 2 core flex to the primary side of transformer as it is less than a 6 inch gap from the plug to the transformer.
Many thanks
Good choice of bell by the way. So many people go for battery, wireless rubbish, but that should last you a very long time.
Yeh we've had lots of wireless ones, should have got this one a long time ago, but hey that's life.
H. All, just thought I 'd let you know doorbell fitted and working fine, thanks for all the help.

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