wiring in electric cooker - duel fuel

14 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom

does the wire coming from the outlet box to the back of the cooker need to be the same size as the wire going into the outlet box from the fuse box?

many thanks
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probably not but you have not given us enough (any) information.

A dual-fuel cooker with a gas hob and a SINGLE electric oven usually takes about 10-12Amps and can be fed from a 13A plug.

A cooker circuit installed in a house is usually fused at 30Amp or more and has a dedicated circuit in large 6mm cable plus a large cooker switch and a large wall outlet.

Tell us what you've got.

Preferably with pictures

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bit disappointed by some of the sarcastic responses on my first time on using this site - always taught sacrcasm was an act of repressed aggression!

But in response to you John D who send very helpful and genuine this is the cooker I'm working with:

Flavel duel fuel range cooker total KW output 5.7. So this is ok on a 30 amp circuit. Now I've bought some 6mm2 wire to connect up the cooker to the outlet socket but I'm not sure if the wire that comes into the outlet box from the fuse box is 6mm2 or 10mm2. I think that it is 6mm2 but just can't see enough of it to be 100% sure.

So what I wanted to know was - does the wire coming out of the outlet socket into the cooker need to be of exactly the same specification (ie 6mm2 0r 10mm2 etc) as the wire coming from the fuse box into the outlet socket?

Am I making sense now? I mean I know if I was to put a much smaller spec of wire in there like 2mm2 then it would just blow it but I have a feeling that these specs will be ok because the 6mm2 can take a 47amp max capacity. Just need to know for sure.

many thanks
"Flavel duel fuel range cooker total KW output 5.7"

This does not tell us what the electrical load is. If it is dual fuel some of the output will be from electricity and some from gas.
so assuming it has a gas hob, it must have two electric ovens unless it is a catering cooker.

that's about 25Amps so 6mm will be plenty.

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