Wiring Salus RT300RF thermostat

5 Oct 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I am hoping someone can help.

I am trying to replace a Honeywell T6060 thermostat with a wireless Salus RT300RF for my 90 year old Nan who can no longer get up and change the old thermostat.

Could anyone please help me with the wires on the old Honeywell thermostat as I’m not sure if they would be switched live and how to connect them to the new thermostat? Also do I need to run a new permanent live to the salus remote?

Many thanks for any help.


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I don't have a wiring diagram for the T6060 thermostat, however, there should be a diagram stuck inside its cover showing the connections. Most Honeywell stats follow the same configuration:

1= Live supply (usually supplied from a timeswitch / programmer)
2= Neutral
3= Switched Live

Don't assume this is correct though. If the wiring diagram inside the cover is missing, it's easy to check the wiring with a multimeter. With the timeswitch (if present) set to heating 'on' and the thermostat turned right down to its lowest setting, there should be 230v across terminals 1 & 2.

The Salus remote thermostat is battery operated, so doesn't need a mains supply.

However, the Salus receiver does need a permanent live supply. If you have an existing timeswitch, or programmer the live to the existing thermostat won't be permanent (it will be switched on / off by the timeswitch) so you will need to provide one.

If you had purchased a programmable thermostat version (RT500RF) that has time and temperature control in the same unit, you wouldn't need the existing programmer and it could be set to be permanently 'on' to provide the permanent live. However, unfortunately they are not very user friendly IMHO.

As the wrong cable has been used for the installation. Earth wires should only be used as earth wires. It would be better to replace it at the same time that you are running the new live supply.
Thanks stem that’s a great help and I think I will run a new cable. With reference to the Salus mine is a RT300RF so it’s just for temperature control, how would this be wired?
I can run a live feed no problem but I only have a N/O and COM terminal but have three wires in the old honeywell thermostat?
Thanks again.
The wires you have already (1 & 3) are the switching wires and a neutral (2).

The switching wires will go in N/O and COM. it doesn't matter which way around. The neutral goes to Salus N and your new permanent live goes to Salus L
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That’s great, thanks for you help, I will wire it up this weekend
Apologies if this is a bit obvious, but the permanent live should be from the same circuit supplying the boiler, so that the same fused connection unit also supplies the Salus receiver.
All wired up and working fine. Thanks for all your help stem.

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