Wood stains leaking onto White wall (Self clean Paint)

2 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

I have painted a masonry wall in my garden white with Wickes Self Clean Masonary paint. Part of the wall has wooden screening above it and another part a balcony constructed of decking. After the heavy rain yesterday, I now have yellow streaks running down the wall.

I previously painted the wall with normal masonry paint and experienced the same problem. This time I used self clean paint in the hope if it did stain I would be able to clean it off with water. However, having given it a blast with the hose pipe that doesn't appear to be the case. Infact the extent and speed of staining is worse with the self clean paint.

While I plan to paint or stain/seal the screening there's not much I can do with the decking (too many area's I can't reach to stain).

Any ideas would be gratefully received as I really don't fancy painting this wall every time it rains :(
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My guess is that these likely to be rust stains running from fixings in the timber etc, or are you actually talking about the oils/dyes in any wood treatments?

Either way, if you can't get at everything to solve the problem then there isn't much advice anyone can give to help. :(
Does sound like rust staining take a close look to see if you can see any rusting metal, also what coating was applied tothe screen and decking??

I'm pretty sure its not rust stains as the section where the screening is has these streaks all over with only a centimetre between them. While the posts and therefore fixings are over a metre apart. In between where there are still streaks running down, there is nothing above but wood running parallel to the wall.

Also I was considering painting the screening white, so I used aluminium screws incase rust bleed through the paint from the fixings.

Both the decking and wooden battens (used to make the screening) came pre-treated. I haven't applied anything else yet, as I wanted everything in place before I decided on colour for the wood etc. The problem is I can paint the screening, which I hope will solve the problem in that area, but the decking is not so easy. Now that its all in place it would be really difficult to get into all the little nooks.

If it is oils leaking from the wood, should self clean paint allow you to wash this off? Wondering if I try a branded product if it will help.

Thanks again for the quick replies. I'm pretty annoyed right now, as it was a hard days work painting the damn wall again with the self clean paint, since I wanted to avoid getting paint onto the decked bits (floor is decked swell).
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I'm inclined to agree regarding any staining caused by rust, and more like a breakdown of whatever was applied, I would'nt advise you painting anything for the moment. Also it would greatly assist if you could supply a few pics and also what finish you would require, eg, a painted surface or stain/varnish, if the latter transclucent or opaque.

Sorry for the late reply, been tucked up in bed with a cold. I've taken a couple of pictures:



Under the screening, hopefully you can make out the streaks. A bit more prominent in real life and make the whole wall look dirty from a distance, while when you get closer you can see the streaks themselves.



Under the decked balcony wall. These streaks are more prominent, but theres fewer of them.

Thanks again for your help, getting to the stage I feel like knocking the whole bloody thing down :(
Hmmm, not having much luck attaching images. Created album, but despite it telling me files were uploaded when I went back to album it said nothing was there. Now the /img tags don't for me either :(
The links work. Looks like stain from the tanalised timber to me. You'll have to wait to see if it stops weeping. If not - you can do it. :cry:
Works for me to, well whatever it is it's coming off the timber, Joe could be right and it may stop on it's own. Not much help I know the only thing perhaps would be to apply a stain/varnish to hopefully seal the woodwork, Sadolin Advanced One Coat would be a good choice.

Good luck

Thanks for the quick replies. So you can see the pictures on the thread? I can only see the broken link "x" boxes so added the direct links aswell.

The screening I can paint/seal as its easily accesible. I assume that should resolve the issue in that area?

The bigger problem is the decked area. Its been in place for a year and is still leaking :( And without pulling it up, I won't be able to get into seal all the nooks etc. I take it there's nothing I can do to the wall to prevent the staining sticking? Aside from painting it the same colour :rolleyes:
Changing the colour of your Masonry paint won't help, you will need to seal the areas in the hope of providing a cure.

Changing the colour of your Masonry paint won't help, you will need to seal the areas in the hope of providing a cure.


That was somewhat of a tongue in cheek suggestion :)

Do you think its worth having a moan to Wickes? I imagine they will tell me self clean paint isn't designed to handle this.

Guess my only real option is to try and seal all the wood and if that fails pull the decking up, seal it and put it down again :(
Since it looks like we might have a couple dry days later this week I'm going to try to rectify this problem by staining/sealing the wood.

A friend has a Cuprinol power pad and some left over stain, would that work? Or would I be best sticking with the Sadolin Advanced coat?

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