Worcester greenstar 30si problem

I did some research on the internet and found a few other people with the same issue. Not with the same model I should add. One forum I read, a guy says that his trap gets blocked every couple of months and he just keeps cleaning it out. I'd be very concerned if that happened.

Would you post some links please. I am very interested in this.
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Draytoc, this is an open forum, so anyone can write what they want so long as they are not abusive. See nothing of that so far. If you do not agree with what someone writes, cannot see how you can demand they not post.
One question though, does the silt in the trap mainly come from the inside of the boiler or can dust and grit from the flue find its way into the trap too.

Mostly aluminium oxide from the HEX, very very little from outside air.

One of the reasons I went off these boilers, will only install the CDIs now, and they aren't immune from it.

Thanks for your reply. The reason I asked the question is that the flat is built into a hill, so the back of the building is on the level with some trees. They have taken care to make the flue as tall as possible but it is still pretty surrounded by plant life. I had the idea debris could be getting in that way.

The plumbing in the building looks like a very professional job. I've moved around alot so had to familiarise myself with quite a few places. I've been very impressed overall with this boiler and the workmanship in the house in general. The boiler is very quiet and the electronic timer is one of the best I've used. Since moving in, the only other thing I've had to deal with was a leaky waste pipe on the bathroom sink which was also a simple job to fix.

Hi again Fatplumber. I didnt save all the sites I looked at, there were quite a few but here is one of the discussions I read...


Hi DP, bengasman is being unhelpful and behaving like a spoilt child. I asked him no to post because his contributions just seem to amount to weird accusations, petty arguing and impoliteness, rather than providing anything constructive at all. I just think its probably best that he run along and let the adults have a conversation.

Thanks to those of you that helped me - very much appreciated :)
Thank you but not a new Worcester boiler in these cases. Ideal do lock out when condensate blocked. I quite like that feature.
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Thank you but not a new Worcester boiler in these cases. Ideal do lock out when condensate blocked. I quite like that feature.

most if not all boilers lockout when the condensate blocks as the ignition will short and fail. Ideal's design is that the condensate trap is not fit for purpose and the metallurgy of the heat exhanger is such that it dissolves and corrodes so heavily that the trap blocks with aluminium oxide sludge.
Just came home, took the front cover off the boiler and sure enough, the plastic bottle that contains the condensed water was full of grit, causing a blockage so the water couldnt filter through.

I disconnected the bottle, gave it a very thorough wash out and put it back, reconnected the condensed water waste pipe (which there is nothing wrong with) and replaced the cover on the boiler.

Started up first time, no problem, switched the heating on, no noises, no grumbles - perfect!

hi Drayton first of all i would like to thank you about this post and also thanks to every one who are sharing good and helpfull idea to resolve the problem ,and i just want to ask something about the condensate trap (syphon) that you clean and it made your boiler work, because i have mine having the same problem sir but it will only run from a certain time like maybe 9 hrs when the syphon trap is in level full of water then it will lock out again the fan will run and looks like trying to ignite the green pilot light will then light for 5 second maybe then it will turned of then stop the fan and then same fault warning show, my question sir is there anything else that you replace or you find out any more problem about worcester bosch 30si combi boiler that needs attention ,check and changing a parts,
i know that it not allowed to play with the syphon connection but i tried to observe and disconnect the syphone trap rubber discharge host from the connection going out to discharge pipe and find after hours and hours of using the boiler the syphon become full and there is no water dripping out on the rubber discharge, will this be the cost of the lock out?

i will appreciate any suggestion and help thanks again to all of you

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