WPS54GU2 Wireless Print Server compatibility

21 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
I'm trying to get one of the above working with a Brother HL-1430 laser printer.

The server recognises the printer on the parallel port, but not on the USB port.

I'm not really expecting anyone to have tried this particular combination, but what I'm looking for is a compatibility list for the server that someone might have encountered.

Alternatively some ideas about why this combination might not work. The following information on the Brother web site makes me very suspicious:

[url=http://solutions.brother.com/Library/faq/mfc/fxfaq0249/fxfaq0249.html]Brother[/url] said:
Even if the cabling you are using follows the specifications listed above, we CAN OT guarantee that your Brother product will work when it is connected via a USB HUB.
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Thanks Doc Lenny - I hadn't found that forum.

Regarding firmware updates, it appears that LinkSys are no longer issuing these. Do you know where else they might be obtainable?
Looks like 6032 was the last firware :eek:

Firmware Version 6032
Adds firmware upgrade option to the web utility.

Nice idea but there was no firmware release after this to use the web upgrade utility - that was back in 2003.

Think your options are somewhat limited :cry:
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Doc Lenny said:
Think your options are somewhat limited :cry:
Thanks Doc Lenny. I'm going to stick with just using the parallel port, mostly because I can't justify spending any more time chasing this one.