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7 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a yale hsa 3500 alarm , it plugs into the phone socket and dials a phone number when the alarm is triggered.
When I plug it into the phone socket it renders all of my phones dead after about 5 seconds. There is no dialling tone , I unplug the alarm and the dialling tone comes back instantly.
I have been in touch with Yale but they have no idea .
Its not the REN rating as I have tried it with phones in every socket and its fine.
What could be causing the alarm to short out the phone lines ?
It used to work and dial out but has now stopped , the rest of the alarm works fine .
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its broken

i guess you have had a surge up the line and it has broken the modem. need a new one.
Thanks , so its not fixable then ?

I have seen the new control panel on ebay for £70 but was hoping it may be something easy to fix

Thanks anyway , save me fiddling with it .
modem may be separate, but i doubt it.

why not get a proper alarm?
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your choice.

yale are best known for their locks. Most yale alarms i have seen / heard of are radio.

radio alarms are , well do a search, its not that hard.

getting back to what, as i said your choice, RF Lighting will tell you Texecom, i will say something else, but we will both say , not Yale
I'll have a search round then , the Yale alarm seems to be fine though , apart from this I have had no problems, the doors are opened and the alarm goes off , simple ! Its all wireless ,so its easy to install , extras are cheap enough . I'm not too worried about the dialling out , although it would be nice to use all features of a product , so I fail to see why its such a bad option and why you say to get a " proper alarm " .
Anyway I will search for radio alarms and see what your point is as you don't really clarify what the other option is , radio or ....?
Whats with the attitude mate ??????

If you explain yourself clearly there wouldn't be any misunderstanding . Or at least give me some links to sites to back up what you're saying , telling me to look on google but not saying what to look for isn't much use .

I thought this forum was supposed to give help and advice to people . If you want to give me advice then I will gladly take it and appreciate it , if you want to prove you know more than me, go for it , I'm not worried about asking for help if I don't know something .
I really can't see the point of putting :rolleyes: :rolleyes: in replies , you know about alarms , I don't . Thats why I asked the question .

Anyway thank you for your first reply it was helpful , the others weren't needed .
i do not have an attitude, also i am not your "mate, pal, or chum ,(the last two also happen to be brands of dog food)

I also never suggested you try google did i? (no really, i didnt)

i will not suggest any particular brand because i dont have a favorite brand, but i know RF lighting does (Texecom)

you left me no choice with your comment radio or?

there are currently only 2 choices you said radio, i had to say hard wired

I could type a whole list of panel makes but its still up to you at the end of the day

try again using the forum search

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