Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm any good

15 May 2009
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
I bought a Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm on offer for £220. Is this decent alarm? Or is there a better option out there. It is just for low home use.
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An alarm which is known ( by criminals ) to be easy to defeat is not much of a deterrent.

Most wireless connected alarms, other than a few professional quality systems, can be defeated.
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Bernard lives in a strange town.

Down my way, most theft and burgary is by teen crack-heads looking for an easy opportunity. Some of them have mastered the technicality of kicking a door in, or using a brick on a window.

In Bernard's town, they've all been to night school and have NVQs in safe-cracking and alarm defeat.
I would never recommend Yale alarms,

JohnD seems to like Yale alarms.

Some of the "crack heads" are trained by other criminals who take no risks of being caught.
Some alarms meet the customer's requirements and some don't.

Perhaps the requirements include "budget of £160" "can fit it myself in two hours" "rented house so not allowed to drill holes for cables" and "moving shortly and want to take it to my new home"

I would never recommend a product that didn't meet the householder's requirements.
Well I have no intention of spending thousands for a pro system to protect against masters Crims. Even if I went wired, it will be entry level installed by a 'pro'.

Not sure how hard they'll be to by pass for a knowledgeable criminal.
IMO one that phones out, to your own mobile and to trusted keyholders, is very important. Sometimes you will be close enough to get back to the house quickly. Or maybe you have just left the house and it is a false alarm caused by an unlocked door blowing open.

The dialler needs to be concealed well away from probable entry points to reduce the risk of interference while it does its work.
Not sure how hard they'll be to by pass for a knowledgeable criminal.

The person breaking in only needs the very limited "knowledge" ( a few instructions ) that is given to him by by the "master" criminal.


From a Yale installation manual

Jamming/Interference detection
User can enable Jamming/interference detection should they feel it is a risk.

Detection via control panel
From the panel’s menu system, select: Adv. Setting -> Jamming Det, Enable.

Detection via External Siren
Open up the siren (Disable tamper first, see earlier section) and switch the Dip Switch 2 to On position.

* Enabling these features increases the likely hood of false alarm (false positive scenario).
what a clever burglar you know

round here their addled brains can't even remember how to corkscrew or bump a Eurocylinder. If they had a tool they'd lose it, or sell it.

Kicking in a back door or raiding an unlocked shed is all they can manage.

How many times have you been burgled this year?
Happened to spot this pair of experienced career burglars. Guess how old they are


33 and 45.

Professionals do not tend to install alarms that can be bought form Costco, Screwfix and B&Q etc.

If you are looking at an alarm system, then you should at least see if it meets any standards wrt to grading if it was to be installed correctly. Wireless is grade 2 normally in the UK not aware of grade 3 wireless systems available.

Finding an installer for a pre bought system can often be difficult.

Alarm panels and detection devices have to be capable of certain things at each grade.

As for Yale versus no alarm, then it is better than nothing, but compare it to Orisec, Texecom, Pyronix, Risco etc then it doesn't have the reputation within the trade you may expect, the general public are familiar with the Yale brand but probably not the pro installer brands.
The new Yale sync is a budget system built in china.......its rubbish!

The older SR340 is a far far superior alarm system and its built in house for Yale - best DIY'er kit on market

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