Yet another Windows 10 issue

27 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
So a friend of mine upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 about 6 months ago. However, she cannot find several of her photos which had been on her Windows 8. They weren't all in the my images or my pictures folder either. They were in their own individually named folders.

It's a HP Desktop PC.

I am well aware that the 28 day period has passed, but surely to God there is some way of getting her photos and files back? Would a recovery get them back?

Any other suggestions? Thanks
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you could take the PC in to a local mender to look for them.

My expectation is that if you know what the file type is (.jpg or whatever) a simple search by type would find them. Win 10 seems to have put my photo directories into C:\Users\John\Pictures

I'm sure it would not help if I mentioned that it is good practice to back-up your important files and photos periodically, and especially before making system changes. A DVD is cheap and easy, even though it is not fashionably modern, like the cloud.
I've stayed well clear of windows 10 myself and I'm generally very good with issues on windows machines. But this being a windows 10 issue has me slow to find a solution. This one is strange though. She had it 'anchored' in her main menu under the name photos. And the photos anchor is 'low lighted' nowm with a little info icon. When I say low lighted, I mean it doesn't highlight as clickable any more. It doesn't open anymore and apparently cannot be found. There are so many photos on the PC itself that the search for .jpg might be a field too wide to find the particular things that she's looking for. I've tried Shadow Explorer but it only gave me three previous dates to check and the oldest was 3 weeks ago. I'd be needing to look back 6 months to have a chance. Any other suggestions.
My Windows 10 PC there was really no option, under the system before it would not work with the TV and whole point was to watch films with it. However I will admit I have failed to get things like Sonic Stage to work fully so clearly there are issues. However as far as photos go nothing seems to have changed. I open Bridge and view photos as normal and even when not using Photoshop Bridge it still seems to show the little icon showing what the photo is what ever format the photo is in.

In the main 3 formats. RAW for Pentax .pef RAW for Nikon .nef the converted to .jpg all show icon without using the Bridge program so I can see what they are, with Vista I needed to install Codex to see the RAW files. I would ask what program is being used to organise the photos and would question this rather than Windows 10.

Many use Lightroom and it seems that is really good. But to remember what folder one has placed photos is hard. Mine are all stored by date which is really not the best method. So a folder will be named "20160302 Snow" the number is what Bridge does when it up-loads the photos.
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Can you use the search tool, using .jpg or .png as the search term?
yes use * as a wildcard
so: *.jpg.. will find anything with 'jpg' as a file extension