Zanussi zhq575 oven element going?

4 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
I have a Zanussi zhq575 oven which tripped the fuse board a few weeks ago while in use - I can't remember if it was during the use of the grill or the top oven. Since then the top oven takes an age to heat up, with or without the fan which still seems to be working ok. Is it all or nothing with an element going or can the element partly have gone?
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What "tripped" on the "fuse board", a rewireable or cartridge fuse or a circuit breaker (mcb or rcd)?
Hi. On the consumer which has a row of switches for scokets, lights, etc. There is one for cooker, which I believe had flicked to off. Cartridge fuse I think.

Bottom oven is fine.
I've still not worked out what is going on. The oven heats ridiculously slow and now the wife thinks the grill is heating slower too. I had a look at the grill and it does look a bit odd, like it is warped, as you can see from the pic below. I noticed that it also only gets orange hot within the inner rim (so the outer grill element doesn't get orange) but I don't know if that is normal.

What I don't understand is if there is a problem with one or both elements then why do they still partly work at least?

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Your grill element is history (it has two circuits) Only solution is a new one.
Your grill element is history (it has two circuits) Only solution is a new one.

Thanks Zipper. Does the oven element have two circuits also as that may explain the problem there also?
Lower elements normally have 1 circuit. Grill elements are usually double. Post the pnc number on the nameplate & I can check your set-up (looks similar to this 944171206).
If there are no other numbers then its version /00.
You obviously need to change the grill element in the top oven. There are two part numbers; which P/N it is depends on the serial number on the nameplate. Up to S/N: 235 the part number is 3111788000. From S/N: 236 the part number is 3116306014. You can find both here (type in part number & click search).
The main oven has a double circuit grill, single circuit lower element, & ring element for fan assisted cooking. (the top oven has a circulation fan but no ring element). Both ovens have to come out in order to change the grill element in the top oven...& in order to check the 3 elements in the main oven. It isn't difficult but you will need a multimeter. The worst part is actually removing the ovens. Post again if you need further info :D
You are a star, thank you! (P.S. It's just the top oven that is dying)
Oh..ok, I thought you had problems with the main oven as well. In that case its a doddle. Good luck :D
Zipper, help!

I got the spare part and have taken the old grill out but have encountered a problem. The old grill had an extra wire (green) attached to the dead centre push on spade connector, where as the new part doesn't have a home for it. I thought maybe I had bought the wrong replacement part but both parts on the espares website only show four spade connectors as oppossed to the old one's five?

That is the earth wire terminal.
Clip off the female spade terminal on the earth wire & crimp on a new lug that fits the diameter of the element threaded location bolts (probably 5 or 6mm). You can get a cheap crimp starter kit from Halfords or similar. Fit the element & secure it with the nuts/washers you removed. Then put the earth wire on one of the location bolts & fit another nut/washer to secure a good connection.

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