Zero vat on insulation (but not for the diy'er)

9 May 2015
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United Kingdom
I recently heard (not sure if it's true or not) that there is zero vat on insulation as an incentive to insulate Britain's homes. I just been to my local building yard and wanted to buy some insulated plasterboard and was told that 20% vat still applies, and was told that the zero vat is only if you get a registered trade in to have it fitted. This totally counter balances my potential savings as I would then need to pay more labour charges than material costs, and I would guess most trades won't pass the vat saving onto the customer, even though they'll let you think they have.
As with many of you, I am a keen diy'er and know how to do big and small jobs in my house, I don't want strangers around, I want to save money and diy the jobs myself, but it seems that us diy'ers are fround upon by the rule makers and we no longer get any benefits for wanting to save money.
Who remembers back in 2009 when a role of rock wool was £3 in b&q? It was government subsidised to incourage us diy'ers to insulate our lofts (which I took advantage of back then) but now you have to get a trade in and it would cost thousands with the extra labour charges.
It's mad. Now is the time us diy'ers need cheap zero vat insulation to encourage us to insulate our homes as more often or not you can't get a trade in when you need them anyway as they are all too busy and over booked.
Your views?
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Its the labour that is VAT exempt. So even small installers wont benefit.
So the installer will give the customer a bill showing labour costs and zero VAT on that item. The the VAT would have been added to the labour cost in pricing. The poor guy sticking the stuff in won't see his rate increased by 20% though.

Cynical? Who? Me??? ;)
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Most VAT registered firms in this industry add + VAT to quotes even when dealing with consumers.

The smart installer will sell the insulation as cost and do a fixed priced installation service, making the whole thing VAT efficient.