1. jeffsmith82

    Cold air from vent can i block it up.

    I have an air vent inside my childs bedroom that means the room can get pretty cold. Inside house vent outside view of vent. I was hoping to buy a better hit and...
  2. M

    Zero vat on insulation (but not for the diy'er)

    I recently heard (not sure if it's true or not) that there is zero vat on insulation as an incentive to insulate Britain's homes. I just been to my local building yard and wanted to buy some insulated plasterboard and was told that 20% vat still applies, and was told that the zero vat is only if...
  3. G

    Architect’s Outline Specification - how closely does this need to be followed?

    Hi, just looking for some advice on something. I’m getting a sunroom/extension built at the back of my house and noticed the builders are using 120 mm thick Kingspan floor insulation boards (TP10/TF70/TW55) whilst the Architect’s Outline Specification states that it should be 150 mm thick...
  4. H

    Tenement living room window bay paneling and insulation

    Hi there I have a tenement flat in a tenement building built in the 1890s. I've just removed the ugly upvc window casing and wooden stool or sill. What's left then is the stripped upvc windows in wooden frames, sitting on the sandstone exterior wall. I like the original wooden panelling and...
  5. F

    external wall insulation (EWI) on External wall paint?

    Evening All I am researching external wall insulation and have learned so much from the posts so thank you to all who have contributed. I have an 1800 cottage which has been extended in the 1980's. Externally the cottage is painted white directly onto brick (no render) which is flaking off in...
  6. B

    My loft has no beams?

    Hi All, Probably got the wording wrong but my newish house has no beams or insulation in the loft which is weird. Is the insulation behind the ply? Do your think I could board this and walk on it? Thanks!
  7. A

    timber frame insualtion and vapour check

    Timber Frame annexe has cladding, battens, breather membrane, OSB, then 150mm timber frame wall Inside: celotex between studs Then what's my best option as regards insulating, vapour barrier , service voids etc A multi foil insulting vapor barrier seems a good idea ??? If constructing...
  8. A

    DPM needed ?

    I have a timber frame structure mounted on concrete blocks around the perimeter, which are bedded on a concrete base.The concrete base has a membrane but is cut off flush. as i'm doing a solid floor inc Ufh made up of 150mm celotex , a seperation layer then UFH stapled on top , before a 75mm...
  9. SS-ProjectBuild

    PIR Insulation between rafters - Cold Roof

    Hi Guys, I am about to put in my insulation between the rafters after my electrics first fix, The question being do I put the insulation in so they are flush to the bottom of the rafters or can I put them above my wiring as long as I leave my 50mm air ventilation gap? There will be 50mm pir...
  10. L

    Plywood or Floorboards and insulation

    Hello I was hoping if someone can help / advise? I have 1930's house and the floorboards are 5" T&G; I am struggling to find the same size. Someone suggested that I use structural Hardboard Plywood and it can be cut to make joints where I have electrics, gas water pipes running to make it...
  11. H

    Insulating a stud wall with existing electrical cabling

    I'm currently renovating a my new home which is a late Victorian house, and I've taken plaster off a couple of stud walls in my office. With in the room, there are currently (The house was rewired around 7 years ago). 1 Run of 1.5mm T + E for the lighting Circuit (running from floor to ceiling...
  12. P

    Condensation on metal garage roof

    Hi all I’m planning on turning the garage into a workshop and have noticed this winter (we only moved in last year) that the corrugated metal roof seems to gather a lot of condensation. It drips down, not torrentially, but I’d want to sort it out before I get the electricity put in obviously...
  13. G

    Garage lining & insulation

    Hi all, Will try and keep this short. Recently bought a house and it has a very old double garage (from 1964) which has been used as a bike workshop for a long time and I wish to convert it into a man cave / editing room for my job - so will need lots of sound proofing. I really do not know...
  14. mjl215

    Correct Insulation for Flat Roof

    Hi, I am renovating a property that had been empty for a while and there was a leak going through a flat roof which has a terrace on it, into the kitchen of the ground below. The leak has been fixed and the damaged plasterboard for the ceiling of the kitchen have been removed. At the moment...
  15. L

    Standard / moisture / vapour plasterboard on single skin wall

    Hello All, I've gone round and round in circles on this and would appreciate some input please.... Last autumn a workshop was built at the back of my garden, it was built on a concrete slab and constructed of med-density concrete blocks (single skin) with a OSB roof covered EPDM. Last winter...
  16. R

    Suspended floor insulation - need for a membrane?

    I’ve read all the previous threads about this topic but it doesn’t resolve my query. I am going to use 100mm fibre insulation between the joists supported by mesh/netting underneath but do I need a vapour proof membrane over the top before relaying the floorboards? The floor is well vented...
  17. R

    Flat roof quote

    Hi, I have been given GRP roof quote back in July. I have contacted the guy again and he said the insulation price has recently gone up by 20%! so I have to charge you more on insulation. Is this normal? Thanks
  18. W

    Insulation of old loft room (sorry long post!)

    Hi All, Bit of a lurker but thought this would be the best place to ask the questions. Our old (1865) house has a loft room that has always been a room ( i suspect it was servant quarters once). The room now has stairs direct into the room. The room itself has a pitched apex roof with 5ft dwarf...
  19. S

    Insulating loft Question

    My loft is insulated and boarded out (between the rafters isn't insulated, but I might come back to that one day), but I have question regarding the gable ends of the loft. The boarding and insulation doesn't quite meet the wall, meaning there is a void that drops to the lower floor...
  20. T

    Garage Conversion

    Hi folks I'm moving house in the next few weeks to a new build with detached 20 x 12 garage. I'll be converting the garage into a home bar, complete with pool table. The garage is single skin (brick build) and the external is rendered. The floor is concrete and the roof I'm not sure on...