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    Pex 16mm pipe wall clips

    First time using PEX tubing 16mm. What clips should I be using to fix this to walls? I am in Portugal so might be going crazy but do they not need to fix their pipes to walls as they dont seem to have any clips to fix the pipes?
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    Replacing wood floor and underfloor heating portugal

    I am in the process of buying a house in Portugal. The rooms currently have a wood floor and cellar below span 3 metres in all rooms. The wood floor has wood worm and needs replacing. I am aiming to install underfloor heating at the same time I replace the floors with tiles as the finish. 1...
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    Potterton Statesman Utility 130/150

    True easy enough to swap out the run capacitor on the motor.
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    Potterton Statesman Utility 130/150

    I would first eliminate a fuel problem by getting a fuel can placing it about 6 inches above the burner and putting the fuel lead into the oil. You'll might need to bleed the pump by loosening the test point to purge any air and firing the burner a couple of times to clear the air. Generally if...
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    Worcester heatslave 20/25 oil boiler

    Probably best to junk all the wiring of the existing boiler as worcester typically make it over complicated. All it needs is a live delivered from the pipe thermostat to the limit thermostat and boiler thermostat to the burner to fire the boiler and boiler pump up. I think worcester probably use...
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    Worcester heatslave 20/25 oil boiler

    In the boiler was working it should just work without any modification setting the hot water to off and controlling the central heating with a pipe thermostat on the incoming from pool side of the heat exchanger if possible to maintain the pool temperature. Connecting this in at the wall...
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    I got one. it has body jets, normal shower head and rain head cost about £200-£250 Very pleased with it. Although the valve control was a plastic knob. triton Nene Bar Mixer Shower With Diverter
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    Oil Tank Leak

    1. Get new plastic tank. 2. Although regulation will most likely mean you need a bunded tank. There aren't any police that are going to come around and demand you put one in and most plumbers oil engineers will put you one in if you are paying but don't expect anyone to give you a receipt for...
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    honeywell v4043 zone valve body - not closing?

    Replace the whole valve head and all they are cheap enough. About 20-30 pounds for a non branded one.
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    Converting combi to system boiler

    Yes it will work. Quite a log of fitters won't have a clue and will tell you that you need a system boiler. All that required is two zone values and be able to switch the boiler to fire when either tank or central heating is calling for heat that may already be there so just a bit of wiring. If...
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    Solar Heating Question

    Most likely nothing wrong with the expansion tank just needs a foot pump on it and check the tyre valve that it isn't leaking.
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    Gravity Check Valve (plus some Solid Fuel Heating questions)

    Cheap option is just have a wood burner for the living room and forget the idea of heating the house. Leave it to a modern boiler that will do it without any intervention required. Also a lot cheaper to implement. My own time is valuable so wouldn't want to waste it on chopping wood and filling...
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    Gravity Check Valve (plus some Solid Fuel Heating questions)

    I had a rayburn. You will spend all your time putting wood into it rather than with your feet up watching the tv. Threw that out and got a nice lpg range cooker and the stupid government were daft enough to buy me a biomass pellet boiler. If you wanted to use the wood I would go for a thermal...
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    Suggestions please for a work around!!

    wood Batten the wall then just needs the pipes clipping to the wall. Plaster board to the battens.
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    Solar Heating Question

    Probably just needs the expansion vessel pumping up and some pressure adding. Sadly not worth getting anyone out as the cost savings on solar thermal are so small not worth it. Solar thermal isn't viable in the UK.