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    B&Q 3 drawer pack nightmare (3 drawers in a 500mm base u

    Their is an instruction sheet on how to measure spacing req for screws for fitting draw fronts.I did not use a pilot hole, because I find the drawer fronts pull of if screws are not gripping fully .
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    Woodburner flue

    Thanks mountainwalker Yes retailer, I have sent message to Hwam, awaiting reply, I hope I don't have to hold my breath to long. :cry:
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    Woodburner flue

    Hi everyone Have been so busy over the last year, had no time to be on line. But I have a problem that I would like some help with .or thoughts on what to do next. Have bought a Hwam clasic wood burner, No time to stop and think, wife wanted it so bought it,Problem it says in small writing it...
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    Best DIY kitchen unit suppliers

    It has to be a b&Q kitchen good solid chipboard,when doing assembly use wood glue on the dowls and run a bead off addesive around rebate for back panel, makes a lovely strong unit,and remember when putting legs on to tap leg into mounting ring.
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    Bookcase (tonk) strip - how wide to make the shelves?

    Just seen your post, did you solve your problem?
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    How can I make kitchen cabinet shelves sturdy?

    you could put a small screw at the back of the shelf on top of where the support is underneath,so as to kind of trap shelf it won't tip foreward at front
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    Fixing timber to metal gates

    These gates sound heavy may I suggest you could add a jockey wheel to it they will take the weight off the hinges
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    B and Q Kitchens

    Be very carefull of how close the gloss white units are to a heat source like an oven of all the B&Q kitchens I have fitted,these are the only ones to have peeled of when put next to an oven
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    i think i made a mistake

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    How Long Can You Keep that up, lad !!!!!

    Yes we laugh when we read of ladder slips, why?some how it conjours up a tv comic sketch.Some years ago had a window company in to install new windows,yes it happenened to one of the guys,as he came down his bum went through a small leanto roof, he slid of that, I heard the noise new straight...
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    howdens or B&Q for a kitchen

    I have fitted around 12 kitchens all from B&Q.Have a van so able to pick from shelfs at Exeter big shed, great kitchens,nice strong carcase, I put a drop of adesive on dowles and run a bead around rebate for back panels makes them really strong,and as a someone said end panels look good,use a...
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    Making and fitting a bath panel

    Sorry to jump in here, but I would make the panel removable or at least have a hatch near the waste. In case you get a blocked waste which might not clear from the top.
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    Hmm..I think I might need to make my own door lining. Unless

    I had a similer problem once, what I did was use two pieces of timber side by side, and so that the joint did not show I used a wider piece of timber for the door stop to cover the joint
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    Concrete floor

    Thanks r896 & Ibby yes I understand what you say abot digging , What about my method of restructuring floor ? does it sound ok?Can you see any problems ?
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    Concrete floor

    Anyone got any thoughts on this project?