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    Hole in wall help

    Advice needed please. I wanted to get a professional to do this for me to save the hassle and make sure it’s done right, but had absolutely zero interest from any local builders so I’m considering doing it myself. A gas fire was removed leaving a hole in the inner skin roughly 40x80cm. The...
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    Roofer or lead worker to repair valley?

    We've got roof valleys with lead base and the mortar has started to crack and crumble. I haven't inspected it so I don't know if any of the lead itself needs to be repaired, but the mortar does. I'm wondering if the best person for the job would be lead specialist or a general roofer? I...
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    Plasterboard crack repair materials

    Hi, I have a couple of issues to sort. 30 year old house, upstairs rooms are plasterboarded: a few fine cracks in the paint where wall meets ceiling A few cracks above and below window For the 1st one I thought adding some scrim tape and some sort of filler, maybe same approach for walls...
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    Freezer icing up (frost free)

    Thanks for the tips JohnD. I left for a day last time so pretty sure it was fully defrosted - although water only accumulated in the freezer, not in the tray at the back making me think there is maybe a drain hole that is blocked. Only probably is that I thinks it hidden behind the plastic...
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    Freezer icing up (frost free)

    Hi I have a Bosch fridge freezer - model I think is KGN34X00 Short story is clear ice is building up in freezer. I had one attempt to defrost it (switched off for a day) but didn't cure it. I wanted to remove the plastic panels inside to get to the drain hole but wasn't sure how. I've...
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    Need to remove self leveling compound?

    Hi - hoping someone can help me... I'm removing the floor tiles in the kitchen with the aim of putting down new ones. It's a concrete floor and the tiles are stuck with a grey hard adhesive but under this is a thin black layer of something before you get to the concrete floor. Any ideas what...
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    Is ok to add a socket from a blanked off spur

    Hi - hoping someone who knows more than me can advise. In the kitchen on a stud wall there was a fused spur connected to warm air heating system, as far as I know this is on the main socket ring. As it's not used it just has a block connector to maintain the circuit and will have a blank...
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    Comparing felt roof options

    Thanks Xenon, so assuming the work is done by someone competent options A or C would be OK? Is one better than the other? Cheers
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    Comparing felt roof options

    Hi, I need to replace the felt roof on my garage and got three quotes, but I'm not sure if the materials or methods used are different or which sounds like the best option. The quotes were: a) 1st layer bs747 type 3b, 2nd ht180 bonded in hot bitumen, 3rd technatorch sbs torch on green...
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    Wardrobe light switch, 2 amp OK?

    Thanks for all the advice, very helpful. Cheers.
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    Wardrobe light switch, 2 amp OK?

    Thanks Chri5, I was planning to run it off the lighting circuit. I assume I would be best to put in a proper switch too to permanetly cut power for example when changing the bulb?
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    Wardrobe light switch, 2 amp OK?

    Hi, I'm looking at installing some lighting inside a wardrobe. The plan is to use a flourescent tube less than 20W. I found this switch which might be OK for turning the light on when the door opens:, but it says it's rated at 2 amps...
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    removing plastic window trim

    Thanks :D I'll give it a go.
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    removing plastic window trim

    Thanks mod - that was an old thread I found on search that looked related I wasn't trying to hijack anyone else's party, I just didn't want to appear like I'm asking the same question again :)